retro game cosplay

That was my plan all along, and I didn’t do it because I just bought another character slot and didn’t have an Asura yet. I appreciate them for that alone, especially since the Bloody Prince costume makes my Asura look like he should be doing some heavy ’90s-era World of Darkness LARPing. And, as Prince …

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cosplay no game no life

Con community at seeing us there overwhelmed both Elizabeth and I. It has ensured that we’ll both be back in 2008 to cover all the myriad World of Warcraft goings on for WoW Insider! Editor-In-Chief Ludwig Kietzmann and Community Manager Anthony John Agnello join Susan and Earnest to cover all of the above in this …

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dress up like a board game

The graphics have a wonderful and endearing cartoon quality to them, and the enjoyable music and excellent sound effects, especially during battles, are overall a delight to the ears. It’s almost watching a cartoon show. It’s certainly a compelling example of how a unique setting and clever design can come together to form a rewarding …

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