2022 Cookie of the Year Legendary Costumes

The more you struggle, the deeper you’ll sink…

But as long as there is just one lightin the deep darkness
you might be able to find your way…?

Check out Black Pearl Cookie and Sherbet Cookie’s new bond story and legendary costumes in the update on June 8!

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24 thoughts on “2022 Cookie of the Year Legendary Costumes

  1. I think you should Make the sonic the hedgehog event again for sonics birthday, and it will last for 100 days I always dreaming to have the event again and the releases on June 24 anywhere near sonic’s birthday

  2. Cookie run kingdom can you add Cookie Trading (I’ll explain how it works) you can trade items, costumes, cookies, diamonds, coins, rainbow cubes and treasures (items includes star jellies btw) How it works: Let’s say your trading your hollyberry cookie for a treasure but your hollyberry is 3 stars and you just want to give them a zero star holly berry, what you need to do is click a button thats called “select soulstone amount”. The leveling up gui will appear but instead of star jellies it’s going to be soulstones and it’s gonna work exactly the same as the leveling up system, (for the treasures it’s going to be exactly the same but instead of “select soulstone amount” it’s going to be “select treasures amount”, All of the things that I mention that can be trade have the same gui.
    Hope this gives to an idea on how to add a cookie trading feature to the game and if you won’t add it just heart my comment because I spent like 30 minutes writing this lol.

  3. Pregunta nosé si puedan arreglar el problema de la rata gigante con escudo de pv en el 16-10 porfavor que el escudo no sea de pv que se pueda quitar

  4. Can we have a event where Disney bts and sonic cookie come back maybe you could add more cookies to the sets (like knuckles cookie or any new Disney move)