A brief look at Captain America’s costumes in Marvel’s Avengers

Rambling about digital cosmetics in a “live” service game, Captain America flavored this time.

Here’s the link for the tierlist so you can make your own rating of the different suits:

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46 thoughts on “A brief look at Captain America’s costumes in Marvel’s Avengers

  1. I haven't played the game, but was curious to see the designs they came up with, since character design is probably my favorite part of visual art. I think it's clear to see they are the byproducts of rushed development, with "good enough" designs and cheap reuse across the costumes. I think almost all of the problems derive from this, but there are a few things that could've helped:

    While making a bulkier, or even chubby, Captain America is necessarily a terrible idea, the issue is it serves no purpose. It fails to accurately communicate anything about the character. He's a superhuman, not a dad in the middle of a summer workout plan.

    Using consistent colors and textures. Matching colors is one of the first principles of character design and fashion, so seeing it so blatantly violated here leaves me baffled.

    Piggybacking off of the color point, using limited textures is also a good idea. Spiderman costumes, for instance, will typically just have one color for each texture used. This game just kitbashes cloth with little care.

    Other than that, I think the werewolf's head should be bigger, and the colors should probably be brighter.

  2. Every one of these designs look terrible. Even beyond the physique being bad or lazy, they just flat out don't understand the concept of simplicity. If they made one authentic classic suit, that'd be enough for them to make authentic versions of so many of the suits they completely screwed up with their in-game designs. Very sad.

  3. While these suits look realistic, they aren't practical for the acrobatics and the amount of movement the actual Cap would be doing. You would want an armoured suit, but it needs to be thinner. You're using futuristic technology, that should include armour, obviously. It's kinda bs to me

  4. Bro i been binging your videos and its just a treat to listen to someone who expresses alot of the same thoughts and concerns that I do.

    I always always always pay heavy attention to details and to the Art Style of games.

    Id love to see you talk about other games.

    Id like to know if you have a favorite artstyle of Zelda and what it is?

    For me, its no competition, The Art Style developed for Ocarina of Time is to this day the best Art Style ever produced in the franchises history.

    I see it as the logical progression of the Zelda art style and when it hit its peak.

    Since then i believe it has gone down hill from there.

    Not counting for Wind Waker, as it is truly its own style and it looks good and is executed very well.

    Twilight princess art style i never liked, its trying too hard to be dark and edgy.

    Skyward sword was just, ugly, in a lot of ways.

    And now BoTW and ToTK are practically crimes against the franchise.

    I hate pretty much everything about the art style.

    Till this day, Soul Calibur 2 Link is the best iteration of the character ever produced, perfectly recreating the greatness of the OoT art style, creating a perfect 3D model, and nailing every aspect of his outfit.

    Its just godly to me

  5. I'm still surprised the weapons weren't swappable and not tied to the costume. From a business stand point, they could have sold alternative shields for $3 each and made bank. Just so many weird decisions both business wise and creatively

  6. Although I don’t like this game, I will say I wish you could’ve swapped around visual elements from the suits.

    Imagine if you could’ve given a color scheme from one suit and put it onto the design of another. Like you could have Iron Man mark one with the red and yellow, or the MCU suit for Captain America in US agent colors. Or maybe if you want to give any of the Captain America suits the self shaded look.

  7. "i dont like the star tech suit bc its basically the iconic suit but with metal on it"
    Also him reviewing suits that are just recolors of the iconic suit and some shirtless suits 💀

  8. The main problem I noticed when it comes to trying to design Captain America in a sorta realistic style is that you need to have a balance between hamming up the design and acknowledge the silly and making it look like something you'd expect someone to wear in the sort of situations that Captain America finds himself in.

    If you go too far in the "Practicality" direction, you lose Captain America and you get more US Agent (Cap if he was boiled down to a Super Soldier and nothing else)

    Go too far in the Comic Book direction, you have Captain America looking like he's not a superhero but he's a stage actor (think like Captain America's first costume in the First Avenger movie. The one that was literally meant to be on stage punching Hitler to convince people to buy War Bonds)

    This game clearly tried to lean more into the Practicality when designing Captain America, but it ended up looking like US Agent/John Walker Captain America

  9. In the case of the Frontline costume, what makes it look even worse is that Captain America: Super Soldier (a decent Cap-flavoured Arkham clone which came out on the PS3/Xbox 360) has a comic accurate version of the costume as an unlockable, and it looks so much better than this games version.

  10. I usually like minimalistic or simplistic costume designs, or suits that are like “the first one ever” (aka the ones that look bad on purpose). But after seeing the ones of this game, I think i’m reconsidering if there’s something wrong with me or the game (probably the latter). It would be nice if they were just of simple design, but not only that but they look boring asf, with everything that would have made the suit great either being overdesigned or entirely toned down.
    So yeah, truly one of the design choices ever made

  11. My problem with crystal dynamics saying they are going for realism……
    so why not be comic accurate and make the costumes look good

  12. I weirdly like the makeshift costumes only to make a group photo of all the avengers in really shitty gear and laugh, featuring:
    Hospital Cap
    Fighter pilot Tony
    Donald Blake
    5 O'clock shadow hulk
    Normal/Makeshift Kamala
    Jacket Natasha

  13. Zipper on the ultimate suit if the star is covering, the zipper would have to takeoff the star, which is like attached to the suit, because of Alyssa added a zipper to the back of it