A brief look at Thor’s costumes in Marvel’s Avengers

A look at all the unique suit models and comic based recolors belonging to both Thors in the Marvel’s Avengers video game.
0:00 Intro
0:22 Rare Suits
5:58 Epic Suits
9:54 Legendary Suits
18:33 Exotic Suits
25:20 Jane
29:26 Conclusion and Outro
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44 thoughts on “A brief look at Thor’s costumes in Marvel’s Avengers

  1. Hulk, Panther, and Widow seem to be the most popular picks for the next video, so which one do you want to see next? Or maybe someone else? Let me know!

    Uhhh, I meant for this to come out at noon, not midnight🤦

  2. To be fair, I'm not a huge Ultimate Marvel fan but I believe in Ultimates 3 or somewhere around there it's revealed Thor is actually Thor and he begins using Mjolnir, so as bad as the suit is, it's not entirely inaccurate.

  3. I'm really sorry, man, but as much as I agree with most of your criticisms of these costumes, the constant complaints about armour pads having straps to hold them in place get a little grating. They'd look weirder if they just floated in place, right? Thor's gauntlets arent going to be sewn into his clothes.

  4. I would love to see an Avengers game that has a similar style to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite or Fortnite. Sometimes, less is more, and in this case, it definitely is.

  5. Welcome to Crystal dynamics

    our game devs are specialized in being pay for cosmetics experts, lazy when given a small color or facial hair change, looks for concepts from the first Google image rather than the comic, adds unnecessary detail like metal trims on spandex.😂😂😂😂

  6. I feel like any form of a recolor should've been removed from this list. I get they still count as cosmetics. But I'd hardly call them that. Also, I feel like the scores in this video were a little harsh, especially the bad ones.

  7. 16:34
    Now that I look at it, I wouldn't br surprised if they used the Gauntlets on purpose.
    Just like instead of using the actual Ultimate Iron-Man Armor, they used that "Canon turned in-Universe TV Show" Armor.

  8. It’s speaks volumes to the lack of creativity when the only decent outfits are the ones designed by people not involved with this game (mcu suits) and yet they still somehow find ways to fuck them up sometimes like the original thor suit from his first movie

  9. You should really read Jason Aaron's run on the Mighty Thor instead of hating the caracter for no reason. It's kinda dumb to hate something you don't even know. Arron's run was one of the best comic stories on modern age. After that you'll know why she's called Thor and a bunch of other stuff, because it's so good written that makes sense.

  10. I love the way you analyze and explain how the artystyle isn't done well in service of the character, like when you mention the straps and buckles with Thor and how his suit looks cheap and blocky, when he should look regal and godly and otherworldly, exactly as you said it is so true.

    Art style is one of the most important factors in a game, so important not to screw this up

    Excellent video

  11. At least these videos are showing why hawkeye has some of the best suits, especially the ones based of of fractions original hawkeye run (minus the bird hybrid one)

  12. Jane Thor has a really interesting twist to her that makes her a unique hero. That one bit is like the only part of her comic run that’s really like that. It’s worth a read if you like Thor stories (love and Thunder does an alright job adapting her story but it could’ve been much stronger)

  13. Personally…. I think Ultimate Thor having gauntlets makes sense. Since in the myths the thing that allowed Thor to even hold his hammer was a pair of gauntlets. The hammer, the belt, and gauntlets are all part of a set that give Thor's his powers.

    And in a storyline where the twist is that his powers are being granted to him by tech mirroring those items…. it's kinda weird that his design dropped one of them.

  14. Alright so quick question, I just beat MORDOK and watched Monika become the new villain… After that the credits rolled and I was back on the helicarrier as Ironman. On my left side was Kate bishop and Hawkeye and in front of me was nick fury…. I was a bit confused of what was happening so I searched up to see the ending on YouTube… all the video I came across was from the early life cycle of the game and it was a shield woman talking through a voice call instead of nick fury who was there in person in my case… So I am searching for the most recent and changed ending. If anyone can help out or link a video it would be much appreciated.

  15. Jane took the name Thor because, at the time, Thor wasn't "Thor." He was Odinson. He didn't think he was worthy of the name "Thor." "Thor" was a symbol of power, of hope, of worthiness. And Odinson was not that at the time. So, he gave his name to Jane, who at first refused, but Odinson insisted.

  16. Jane would have been such a good character if the writers were better and gave her a new name, I get thor-clones, but don't just call her Thor because you want female empowerment moments where people are like "Oh my God a female Thor!" focus on writing it right, not activism