Are the Spider-Man PS4 suits ANY good?


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45 thoughts on “Are the Spider-Man PS4 suits ANY good?

  1. I am probably the only person in the whole wide world who is gonna say that… but I don't like the Insomniac advanced suit. It is the definition of overdesign for me. I don't like the fact that it is actually orange, shoes are weird and I hate the white parts. There are too many shapes that attack each other and the costume genuinely looks exaggerated

  2. i love the suit but once i found out about how orange it could look it went from a 10 to an 8 for me, but i think spider man 2’s version of the suit will be 10x better

  3. I don't know if it's my TV or the PS5 or what, I play the PS4 version on PS5 so maybe that's it, but the orange sections on the advanced suit are very red in my game. That alone brings it into my top 3 Spiderman suits. It's sleek and it's unique while still looking very much like a classic Spiderman suit in most ways.

  4. I love the armoured advanced suit and I am a classic suit enjoyer, it’s like he combined sable armor with his advanced suit for when he is working with silver sable

  5. well the suit looks orange because this isnt traditional art and light has a big effect on color and when the sun hits red its often turns more orange if you look at the suits in different lighting itll appear more red most comic book artist dont think about this unless they are doing a REALLY detailed piece but a game with its own engine that can do it on the fly does

  6. i actually kinda like the orange i think it was a good choice because a vibrant red and white would have clashed way too much. its not a “pure” orange but more of reddish/scarlet orange. it mixes well with the white. and it still matches the blue

    the boots being gone are fine. usually the lack of boots makes spidey suits feel “naked” but here it works because of how busy the rest of the suit is. it creates an interesting juxtaposition with the busyness of the top half, and the more laid back design of the bottom half. it continues the design of “practical sportwear” they were going for as the feet remind me of sports shoes.

  7. Personally, I'm a fan of the Aaron Aikmen suit. The armored red pieces pair well with the dark navy blue. The gauntlets and jet boots are so detailed in their model, and the eight eyes on the helmet are just perfect.
    Also, if you look at the extra eyes, you can see cameras.

  8. It's a much paler red compared to most suit designs – the sampled colours will appear different depending on the lighting, to state the obvious.

  9. The Anti-Ock Suit literally gets destroyed in the fight with with Doc Ock. I don't understand your complaint about the Armored Advanced Suit being redundant.

  10. The white spider took getting used to but I actual liked the broken up bits I thought it fit really well. Really wish we got more of a vibrant red it woulda tied the colors together much better, I find myself always wanting to put back on the classic suit. The blue is perfect I just wish there was a little less at the bottom and more of a red boot.

  11. I completely don’t mind the orange tone to the Advanced Suit, it’s my favourite Spidey suit so far, except for maybe the black and red Holland suit.
    The sequel does look like it’s made some pretty good upgrades though, so perhaps that will beat it out

  12. >Arachnid-Rider Suit
    >supposed to pay homage to Kamen Rider series
    >the dude saw it and think to Gundam instead when it has no element from Gundam or Japanese Mecha anime motif.

    typical westerner.