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They want to be pretty and stylish just like their dolls, so purchasing them a Barbie costume will be one of the best Halloween surprises you can give her. You can take these tracks and upload them to PSN, download them again, and even remix them. 12:39PM A sword and shield demo (again, this is totally 1 to 1!) shows an incredible level of precision. 12:37PM A demo of a real-time strategy game – of course the RTS is the first thing everyone thinks of when considering an mouse-accurate input device. 12:48PM Interestingly, those of you that visit Sony Wonder Labs in NYC will be able to see a tech demo that’s remarkably similar to the creation tool showcased today. 12:42PM “I’d like to introduce a new franchise today” that is also exclusive to the PlayStation 3, and part of their “Play. Create. Share.” genre. 12:30PM Richard Marks was here to show off the first PlayStation motion controller, the PS2 EyeToy. Jessica and Lisa spoke out on Twitter immediately after the episode went to air, lashing out at the show for depicting them as ‘entitled brats’.

We made sure that we had the wiki up and ready to go when it went live. The Yule Festival looks to be bigger and better than ever this year, so enjoy! Those who came to the real-life meeting but were unable to join us for LARP have expressly presented an interest in coming next year, and a number of new players within the United Kingdom and outside it have pledged to try and join us this year at some of our events in our group, which is really a “LARP guild,” as it were. After the real-life ceremony, they logged in their characters for a GM-led ceremony in EverQuest II. Many of the characters the player interacts with have sympathetic sides to them and are far from spooky or scary in reality. 12:45PM While the characters are cartoony, the tracks are surprisingly realistic, akin to some levels from Pure. 12:45PM Like LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers focuses on implementing physics into the gameplay design. Sorry BigPark, looks like ModNation Racers has piqued our curiosity a bit more. 12:43PM ModNation Racers is a “thorougly modern take” on the classic Kart Racer. 12:57PM Jack is back: “Please feast your eyes on this short tease of Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 5.” A “short tease”?

12:51PM Jack is back: “Now it’s my pleasure to give you another sneak peak” at a PS3 exclusive. 12:51PM Seemingly everything can be manipulated: the water level, the angle of the sun, the number of sheep on the side of the road. He’s pulling mountains out of the ground, and then adding a lake to the other side. 12:32PM The demonstrator now has a virtual racket, fails at hitting a ball and then admits “it’s still hard” to the laughing audience. Whirlwinds through enemies to loud cheers from the audience. Others might require a Trench with rapid-fire weaponry and a broadcast array used to fry the circuitry of all nearby enemies. Fans might disagree over which gathering put Fan Faire on the map, but I think the Boston event wins out. The Costume Brawl might be for you. One character has its costume changed to a dress, and it tries to hide, embarrassed. Costume contests are just part of the culture of Champions Online. Today’s are usually downloaded and played on any device with an internet connection. This advantage also inflicts instant kills on Henchmen and Villains that are at 25% or lower health (up from 20%). It no longer inflicts instant kills on players, but it does inflict the bonus 30% damage.

12:44PM Right now, the two developers are showing off the avatar selection screen. 12:36PM We’re being shuffled through a series of demos showing off the possibilities of the wand. 12:31PM The live demonstration shows a rendered (and dull looking) living room that moves around to follow the wand. 12:33PM The wand is now being used in a primitive, but fluid, FPS mock-up. 12:41PM Tretton notes that LittleBigPlanet now has over 900,000 user created levels played over 2 million times. The game does now apparently have auto-attacks, though those look to be strictly worse than any of your active abilities. 1:00PM The visuals look good, but let’s not forget that GT5 Prologue looked pretty good as well. They were very different, from really good, to really bad. The same can be true of relationships, though the question becomes, did the person game to escape a bad relationship, video game boys halloween costumes or was the relationship solid when the person began to game? The same arena has morphed, and he’s throwing ninja stars. TECMO is best known for the Dead or Alive®, Ninja Gaiden®, Tecmo Bowl®, and Fatal Frame® series.