Bayonetta Origins All Secret Costumes and Hairstyles

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This videos shows how to get all secret costumes and hairstyles for Cereza and Cheshire in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon for Nintendo Switch

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47 thoughts on “Bayonetta Origins All Secret Costumes and Hairstyles

  1. is it just me or does bayonetta's outfit in 3 look better on cereza here than in bayonetta 3. Also, for some reason i love the physics on jeanne's ribbon, just so satisfying to see.

  2. fun fact for the elegant swan costume i think the story plays on about odette thats referenced from the first game as a weapon a pair of ice skates.

  3. I love the description for "A Perky Demon " and "A Blundering Witch" because if you read it, it's hilarious. Lol it also just melts my heart, because I love the Friendship between these two characters!❀❀❀❀

  4. Hello, I have a question. Finish the game, and I want to get the Bayo2 outfit. Can it be obtained for normal play? That is, if I pass the game in hard mode, it will appear in my initial game? I would like to get that outfit before I get into all the wisps and time trial challenges, but I don't know if I can get the Bayo2 outfit in the first game. Someone knows?

  5. Question about the Observer of time outfit: Do I just need to play forbidden tale to completion to get it in my older save file or do I have to save over my completed standard file?

  6. I just unlock The right eye outfit and I also unlock Bayonetta 3 outfit and Jeanne damn I love them all I can’t wait to unlock more of this outfit for Cereza I really want that Alice in Wonderland outfit need to complete Tir Na Nog

  7. All these costumes for Cereza are super adorable. And I love the White Swan dress to compliment her default outfit that she wears(which technically can be seen as the Black Swan outfit)

  8. maybe this is a coincidence but am I the only one that see's the reference of the three books on the shelf representing the past three games/adventures of bayonetta, anyways nice touch of detail there to whoever put that there or had the idea in doing so thank you

  9. This game is like Monster Hunter Stories to me. Love the artstyle, and wish could have it with the classic gameplay, tho this game definitely looks good too

  10. i think the costumes here explain the third game a little more. the right eye is bayo 1, observer of time is bayo 2, arch-eve origin is kid bayo in 1 and bayo 3, bayo origins in a whole new bayonetta assuming viola's mama cause of Cheshire

  11. The fact that they made the battle uniforms so that they match the style of this game is very stunning. They did a better job on this one than Bayonetta 3.