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This weekend is going to be a Lord of the Rings Online weekend, me thinks. Brendan Drain (@nyphur): I’m taking a bit of a break from MMOs this weekend to play an old classic, Frontier: Elite II on the Amiga. 7. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’s leading lass just requires a bit of weapons/dirt/fake blood/ponytail accessorizing and a trip into your own closet. There are some familiar names here, including Marvel Superhero Squad and Tomb Raider: Anniversary, as well as some especially odd choices. It’s just that there are so many good ideas on display that I couldn’t help but wish it’d last at least twice as much. Con seeking legal advice, you should probably seek professional (psychiatric) help. If not, you’ll probably lose (but don’t fret, you can instantly try the fight again with no penalty). So let’s talk about the fight to save the city. It gives a nice set of new tools for players to use while roleplaying, after all, and I’d be willing to bet that it’s a lot harder to set up emotes for all of the varied skeletons in City of Heroes than it is to just make a new group of costume parts.

In the original game, only the robot costume had roller skates, and players tended to default to wearing it simply for the speed boost it gave while navigating the world. But that doesn’t mean players escape randomness. That’s a day you do not want to miss — he’ll appear periodically in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan throughout the day to tell hilarious(ly terrible) jokes, battle players one-on-one in rock-paper-scissors, and boss everyone around. As anyone with kids or young siblings will tell you, finding quality games to play with them can be kind of a chore. Senoo believes Halloween can only get bigger in Japan because the largest participation is among teenagers. In other words, I’m being lazy for Halloween. Gallery-99218%This being a Double Fine game and all, Costume Quest’s off-kilter premise should come as no surprise. Operation game couples costumes are an original idea. If fans have to wait another 5 to 6 months for the living story to bear fruit in the form of major expansion-level features and dragon-based plot progression, it’s going to seem more and more as though living world content and expansions are mutually exclusive. Adults, on the other hand, are probably going to get bored pretty quickly, which makes it tough to recommend to them without reservation.

By the time this article goes to print, we should have some information on what the ghouls and ghosties of Tyria are up to this year. I had fun with cosplay but it’s time for me to make my next move forward as a writer. Let’s Tap? Bob the Builder: Festival of Fun? These timing elements ensure the battles stay fun throughout instead of getting stale. At the start of the living story updates, lore-based speculation was rampant; that’s dropped off quite a bit as the content we’ve gotten has consistently introduced new story elements and shown every sign of concentrating primarily on Scarlet and her crew. Ten different plays will be shown off-Broadway from February 1-12. Tickets will go for $15 each. Those who have known me for a while, especially those who might have read my blogs before I joined the Massively team, will recall that I purchased a hefty laptop a few months before STO was launched. Recent pushes for inclusivity widen the label further to encompass anyone who plays anything, whether that’s Candy Crush or Call of Duty. In fact, if the quality of scars matches the quality of the Landostache, then we may as well slap a couple of hunks of ground beef on our face and call it a day.

Probably the most difficult situation comes when one judge says, “I like this person’s costume.” This may be fine when nothing is on the line, but when you have a panel of judges, influencing them to think your way is bad. In short, video game costume ideas ArenaNet has convinced players — certainly without meaning to — that we have nothing earth-shattering to look forward to in the immediate future at just about the point where we’ve collectively started to get hungry for a big upheaval of scenery and pace. As of right now, the pace of the story is on the slow side (although the writing team is in the process of addressing that), and the size of content releases have been on the small side. The only known treatment is writing Massively’s weekly Flameseeker Chronicles column, which is published every Tuesday. Every third attack enables a super ability (a storm of missiles from the robot; a healing, hilariously patriotic anthem from the Statue of Liberty) that can turn even the most desperate situation in your favor. But even the mature, grown-up adults among you may be tempted to indulge in a piece or two, if you’ve got the patience. Got plans to dress your character up in spooky colors and creepy armor sets for Halloween?