BEST SET YET?! 6 New School Costumes Gacha & Review! | Cookie Run Kingdom

Hey guys! HyRoolLegend coming at you guys with another video of Cookie Run Kingdom. The update has brought 6 new costumes to the game, themed for the Triple Cone Cup! This set of costumes looks absolutely sick & I went and pulled on the gacha and reviewed the skill animation! Good luck with your gacha as well!
Update Breakdown:
Kouign-Amann Review:
Latte Magic Candy Review:

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0:00 Gacha
4:40 Scovillia Costumes Review
5:52 Parfaedia Costumes Review
6:52 Creme Knights Costumes Review
8:00 Conclusion

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44 thoughts on “BEST SET YET?! 6 New School Costumes Gacha & Review! | Cookie Run Kingdom

  1. These pulls reminded me that everytime I pull on costume banner, I get the red Madeline cookie costume, it's a little ridiculous as I've gotten it 3 times in a row before, and out of ALL the pulls I've done, almost 20 of the epic pulls total was that costume, I still don't even have his other one lol
    (It's actually painful because F2P wise it's not exactly "easy" to get these pulls saved up)

  2. hello this game needed big storage that made me not play it, it also became laggy because of it being a big app, does anyone know a site where i can play crk through google chrome??