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This is essentially the same method I used on the lapels and cuffs. It’s the same style of costume but it’s the detail in how they wear that. It’s also a favorite character amongst Pooh fans. Stephanie, aka Hildrhien, dressed as Marvel character Lady Sif from Thor: The Dark World (left). The Joker is a fictitious character created way back in April 1940 for DC’s Batman comic by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson and was Batman’s arch nemesis and although he was supposed to killed off he was spared that fate due to editorial intervention. Your mischievous hound will be transformed into Gotham’s most nefarious clown when he dons the Rubie’s Costume Company The Joker Dog Costume. So if you are looking for a great Joker costume that will really turn heads and get you plenty of attention, than this Classic Joker costume might be your best option. Once the pimp cane was completed, I had a couple of days left before Halloween so I decided to take the discarded length of cane and use it as the handle for a big mallet (I think I was fondly remembering my old Joker action figure, which came with a giant hammer accessory).

To make the Joker Halloween costume (the Jack Nicholson version)I had to find a light coloured jacket to fit a 7 year old as I do not sew. A bold attempt to remake something old into something new. This is a Joker for the dark new world that DC is building on the big screen and time will tell how he will rate against his other incarnations. Officially licensed, two-piece costume will transform your mischievous hound into Gotham’s most nefarious clown. Little girls can save the world on Halloween with the Wonder Woman Costume for Toddler Girls. The Vision costume is a perfect pairing for a “WandaVision” costume but it can also be worn solo (you’ll get compliments either way). I made a hammer-head out of posterboard and papier-mache, then painted it to co-ordinate with the rest of my costume. The tails were constructed by drawing the general shape on a large piece of newsprint, then cutting it out of purple fabric (a men’s dress shirt that I got for 97 cents). On top of that, the selection is not very large and last-minute shoppers are forced to pick through all the leftovers to find something decent. Then I arranged large swaths of my various fancy fabric scores on the tails, stuck them with fusible webbing, and when I was satisfied I sewed them in with button thread.

I put on the jacket and roughly drew in white pencil where I wanted the bottom hem to be, and where I thought the tails should go, and then I stuck pins all over it and hacked of the excess. Bought a white peacoat and dyed that and the pants purple. Cover your face with the white paint but make it blotchy, smear eyeliner around your eyes and red lipstick on your mouth to your cheeks. Although wearing Joker in the Dark Knight is pretty effortless, make sure you walk the walk and talk the talk to make it more convincing. And finally Jared Leto has given the Joker a makeover for the new millennium in DC’s latest attempts to bring the comic book heroes and villains to the big screen. Gazillion Entertainment is celebrating the upcoming release of the Iron Man 3 movie by throwing the doors of Marvel Heroes open for a beta weekend. After Steve Rogers lost his super soldier serum at the hands of the Iron Nail, he passed the mantle of Captain America down to Sam Wilson. His iconic look in Age of Ultron was based on a combination of both his WWII suit and his stealth suit from Winter Soldier, but the tone of Avengers films are more colorful than the Captain America films.

Of course, if one is going to use themes from horror movies, one needs to be sure such themes are age appropriate for all those who plan on attending such a party. Krystel’s locless Michonne could still strike fear into the heart of anyone who crossed her. This Joker is somewhat of dystopian punk, iron man helmet and radiates menace and fear and is not at all jovial. The only downside to this awesome outfit is that it doesn’t include a wig or make-up, so just remember to order them separately, female cosplay or maybe even go with a fun Joker mask. Super popular and people are pretty pleased with their outfit. Truly frightening and yet compelling, his amazing performance would go on to win him a posthumous Oscar for his portrayal of the arch fiend, with many people speculating that Heath went to a dark place himself to bring that menace and loathing to the screen.

It has all the most famous portrayals including Caesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto and even a surprise honourable mention of Mak Hamil’s Joker(we know right, we had no idea either, although it isn’t what you think). As you can imagine with a villain of such legendary stature there are no shortage of great costumes available, reflecting the many different incarnations he’s had over the decades, and by carefully sorting through we’ve brought you some of the best Joker costumes around. Every villain needs a few props! This Joker was a camp and always devious villain always plotting and capturing our dynamic duo of Batman and Robin and would later go on to give Batgirl serious problems aswell.

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