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Happy Saturday everyone! Another very fine weekend is upon us and here at Massively HQ we’re celebrating with some game time. When I needed to take screenshots for my columns here at Massively, I would hike up the graphics as high as I could and patiently wait for the lag to catch up while I moved my character around for a decent shot. I disagree with some of the thematic choices, but leaving that aside I’m excited for this content as a whole even if it will be a while before I can see it (which is a problem with many games, not just DCUO). Although he’s been dropping hints and teasing fans for a while now, Creative Director Jens Andersen kept the bulk of DC Universe Online’s seventh DLC, Origin Crisis, operation game costume under wraps. So how does Origin Crisis fit in? Seeing as Mass Effect 3 is going to be out in a little under a month, I need to make sure all of my saves and such are in order. She didn’t attempt to make overly convoluted excuses for why Tasha Yar, Richard Castillo, and the famed Enterprise-C reappeared.

So, why does Shulk get to change his fighting abilities in a way that no one else can? Beyond even that, the game really does look as if it’s a Diablo-style game with superheros on top of it, which is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and won’t really replicate the sense that you get from CoH. And it’s going to be free from the start, meaning that the business model won’t have any awkward hurdles to jump during development. Ultimately, it looks as if we’ll have to wait to see what May will bring for all of us who love STO. It was wild to see my character was forced into servitude as a freighter captain. I more or less expected to see characters like Tasha Yar, Obisek, Va’Kel Shon, B’Vat and even the Ferengi upstart Farek. That’s even putting aside the fact that some of the game’s systems, such as combat and some of the investigation missions, are criticized as not being as ready for prime time as the release status would indicate. Part of the reason has a lot to do with the fact that the game’s third anniversary has delivered something that many of us have been craving since the release of last year’s featured episode, The 2800: a story-based mission.

Tales of Arise will not get any story DLC after release, the game’s producer confirmed. You get to visit them too! So put on your scariest outfit and get ready to explore the dark side of MMOs with our guide to Halloween 2013! So you’ll get tricks and treats, the best of both worlds! Ib is such a lovely game and it really deserves the best! So if you notice a slight improvement to my screenshots in this column, thank my husband for giving me the best Christmas gift a geek girl could want. That’s a day you do not want to miss — he’ll appear periodically in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan throughout the day to tell hilarious(ly terrible) jokes, battle players one-on-one in rock-paper-scissors, and boss everyone around. Fortunately for the team at STO, I am happy to say that the episode meets the players’ expectations. I just have to come right out and say it. There are also plenty of choices about how to handle all of the supernatural elements, not all of which simply come down to beating the crap out of the thing with tentacles.

And even though we’re halfway through October, there’s still plenty of time to jump into the fun events and contests that celebrate the spirit of Halloween! I have had more fun in Star Trek Online in the past week than I have had in the past six months! Temporal Ambassador was a really fun mission to undertake; I’m looking forward to actually replaying it with my remaining alts. Temporal Ambassador is the first story-based mission to be released into STO since The 2800 featured episode series was released early last year. The name of the mission is Temporal Ambassador. Here’s where I need to warn readers that I will be writing about the most recent story-based mission that was released in conjunction with STO’s third anniversary. STO’s lead writer, Christine (Kestrel) Thompson, did an outstanding job dealing with a time-travel episode. Personally I really loved the way that my character was altered in the same fashion that Captain Picard and crew were altered in the television episode. The good: You aren’t going to have to stack up against Spider-Man and Captain America in this game; you’ll be playing them. So where am I going? When I first heard about former CoH players going to The Secret World, I was a bit surprised; they’re very different in many ways.