Chun-Li’s Nostalgia Costume Looks Amazing in Street Fighter 6

Today I showcase a mod in Street Fighter 6 that gives Chun-Li her costume from the Street Fighter Alpha Series in SFV it was known as her Nostalgia Costume and man does it look really good in SF6 I really hope Capcom takes all the classic and nostalgia costumes and remasters them all for the returning characters.


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39 thoughts on “Chun-Li’s Nostalgia Costume Looks Amazing in Street Fighter 6

  1. I love everything EXCEPT that they changed the extremely high power turning Back Kick at the end of her Lightning Kick Super to that stupid Wing Chun leg lift, just… It doesn't have the same IMPACT, the back kick LOOKED like it had the power to fucking LAUNCH you. That just looks like a lazy leg lift that might snap your jaw shut if it happened to graze up your body and caught it open. 🙁

  2. Is it just me, or does she look younger in the nostalgia outfit? She’s in her mid-50’s in this game and her age shows normally. But for whatever reason, she just seems younger here. Am I the only one who sees this?