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Devil Girl - Free Stock Photo - A beautiful girl in a red ... Looks like having blades embedded in your sleeves is a good trick for an assassin. 12:03PM The audience claps all the new girl-oriented games, like the Miley Cyrus game and a new dog simulator that looks a lot like Nintendogs. There’s a lot of CG, unlike the gameplay shown at Microsoft’s conference. If indeed the teaser is actually hinting at a Romulan faction to be released in May, Cryptic will make a lot of people very happy indeed. Netflix has released the first trailer for a new reality series called Sexy Beasts, in which singletons use masks, makeup, and prosthetics to transform into bizarre human-beast hybrids – and then try to find love with similarly beastly dates. Cue the obligatory FFXIII trailer! 12:25PM FFXIII’s main character, Lighting has a few quotables in the trailer. Last year, I was lucky enough to be able to host a meet-up between me and a few of my guildies at my home. It generated happy screams of excitement in the few seconds of orchestral “dum dum daaaah!” before the door opened.

12:18PM AC2 starts right where AC1 ended, with Desmond using the Animus machine to enter the memories of another ancestor. 12:05PM Home is “only possible on PlayStation 3.” Guess that rules out a possible PSP version, right? Some stats meant to encourage us that Home is gaining traction with gamers. 11:59AM “Ever since Resident Evil first brought gamers to the fictional town of Raccoon City in 1996” the series has enjoyed great success on the PlayStation platform. Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, was the first of the old guard to speak out. 11:55AM The first in-game footage takes place in Costa Rica. We thought they’d be showing some Resident Evil PSP footage. 12:01PM Footage of LittleBigPlanet PSP takes the big screen, in addition to the new Jak & Daxter game. 12:01PM On screen is a white PSP Go! A new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII appears on screen with full English voice acting. And somehow Fat Princess appears in the PSP montage. 12:02PM A brand new 2D echochrome made a brief appearance in the montage. 12:21PM The trailer ends with Ezio diving into the water – nice to see a killer assassin can swim this time around. You can buy them extra costumes or accessories which carry into the music videos during the actual game – pro tip: aviators for everyone – but mostly you’ll be spending vast quantities of Diva points on vanity items that do absolutely nothing.

Aurora - Child of Light He enters battle with gusto despite not being an experienced warrior, relying on his will and spirit to carry him through. 12:16PM “Agent will take the player across the globe” in the shadowy world of espionage. 12:14PM Tretton now introducing a “new property from Rockstar North” called Agent. 12:14PM Tretton is back and just included Lost Planet 2 in his mentions – so, definitely coming to PS3. 12:09PM Tretton jokes that he has a mohawk in Home, and that his tag is “MrT.” We somehow doubt that. THE DUDE: From aerial flights over Los Angeles with his bowling ball chasing Maude on a flying carpet, to the large scale “Busby Berkley” dance sequences as The Dude goes flying through the legs of all the bowling pin headed dancers, this piece examines how these “ahead of their time” scenes were constructed. Take some time to look at the NPCs and enjoy their strange new appearances — but don’t forget to talk to them. What: A Haunted Hayride takes brave souls through the cursed woods of Parish; a Haunted House features “2,000 square feet of hell”; and a Hearse Ride with open casket seats make the last ride you’ll ever take.

Outside of battle, you can take on side-quests and collect candy or find ways to power up and restore health for the next encounter. This is such a simple but genius idea, and the pong paddles can even be moved around by the cosplayer. It’s natural to assume that everyone around you cut their teeth on the same games and in the same ways you did, even though this is completely ridiculous when you give it any real thought. They have recipes, costume ideas, decoration ideas, and games to help make your party a success! With the help of my mom’s sewing skills and store-bought pieces, I constructed a costume of a cute blond character from the game. Ezio will need the help of some of this friends, and Leonardo Da Vinci is one of those friends. His new ancestor is “Ezio” – they pronounced it “ET-ZEE-OH” if you were curious. Make some teen tech speak like our models, or spell BOO, or anything else you can think of. This thing is going to make the world of Assassin’s Creed 2 far easier to navigate. Did you favorite make the list? This feature will show off our 16 favorite cosplayers from around the world from various gaming titles.