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In a demo stage like Oz’s Yellow Brick Road and a new world that acts as a hub between all these characters’ realms, Dimensions is indistinguishable from every other Traveller’s Tales Lego game. Almost four years after Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure let kids place action figures on an NFC device to make them playable in a grand adventure game, what seemed like a goofy idea turned out to be a great one. Of course Lego Dimensions can’t just automatically sense the bizarre thing you’ve just made out of old Batmobile parts because it would require every little Lego piece to have an NFC chip in it. What the game is actually detecting is the NFC base the figures and vehicles are plugged into. The toy platform can’t even sense when you rebuild the vehicles into your own creation. This is all using the core Disney Infinity 3.0 technology made by Avalanche Software, who created the original Infinity and makes the open-world Toy Box mode that lets you mix and match Disney characters in an original adventure.

There’s something undeniably wonderful about seeing your toy come alive. Disney Infinity is exciting because the company has demonstrated that whether or not its latest game is full of brand-new or fondly remembered faces, it’s going to come up with a new way to play with them. After playing both the new Disney Infinity game, Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic, and Lego Dimensions, one thing is abundantly clear: The toys-to-life competition is now rooted in who can make the best game because the toys aren’t changing. That the sci-fi sword fighting feels and looks so good isn’t terribly surprising considering who made it. The game even shows you how to change them with an on-screen manual that looks like it just fell out of a fresh box of the bricks. There’s a lot of story here, nice battle mechanics and good looks. That’s a lot of toys vying for space and attention.

Most notable among the new crop are George Lucas’ endlessly warring space soldiers and wizards. There are some things like the subtle nuances of character development that are very difficult to portray in just a few short cutscenes and a smattering of dialogue. Pop culture moves fast, which is why we have plenty of cool Halloween costume ideas based on your favorite film hero, video game character or TV character. Given your character a makeover? A stage where Scooby-Doo’s meddling kid friends try to break into a haunted house is accompanied by scratchy jazz and audio hiss-soaked dialogue that sounds like it was ripped right from the show in 1969. Like Scoob’s perfectly animated floppy walk, though, the audio is all new, just like the rebuildable toys you can place on a glowing platform to make them appear in the game. The little plastic Yoda and Anakin Skywalker you can make fight through the Clone Wars in Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic are appealingly rounded and cartoony, as with all the Disney Infinity toys.

Obi-wan Kenobi feels smooth, favoring defensive posturing, while Anakin Skywalker attacks with heavy blows and his apprentice, Ahsoka, feels speedy. Lego Dimensions still feels like a game from eight years ago when you actually play it. For all the polish and charm of its icons, though, Lego Dimensions still feels like a game from eight years ago when you actually play it. Just like The Lego Movie — whose co-starring couple Batman and Wyldstyle join Lord of the Rings’ Gandaflf as the game’s pack-in figures — Dimensions is a grand mix of pop icons. Now you can recreate Ryan Reynolds epic performance in the green lantern movie with one of these awesome newly designed green lantern bodysuits! If you are a movie buff than you can even take cue from there for your Halloween fancy dress costume. Provided you have the toys, you can make Ghostbuster Peter Venkman drive Doc Emmett Brown’s DeLorean alongside Scooby-Doo and the robots from Portal. In order to make the best possible game it can, Disney is building a video game Exquisite Corpse, finding multiple styles of play to suit its panoply of characters.

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