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Even though he dealt with a terrible system, he was still (and is still) pretty much the most talented WoW player with whom I’ve had the opportunity to play. There are just so few model variations and so much blah design in what we get. Not only are there few variations in what we get, but the armor style of the game leaves a lot to be desired. I know there are other pieces, like the veteran’s reward, but it still feels as though the sample size is small right now. If I had my preference between more armor models and more costume pieces, I’d go with the latter. I’ve kept my eye out for eye-catching pieces, but they’ve been quite few and far between. I still adore my festival masks as some of the few hats I’m not embarrassed to wear. Vanguard is celebrating Festival of Gloriann this year. An appearance system was a big wish list item for me, and when Trion casually tossed it in the game early on, I was ecstatic. For me, I think that the Rogue outfits look far better than the other three archetypes, so I’d love for my Cleric to be wearing those duds.

Randy Nelson: Still playing Fable 2 (expect that will be the case for quite some time, even though I’ve “finished” it) and making my way through Fallout 3. But in the spirit of the holiday, I think I’ll delve a little further into Dead Space and break out some oldies but goodies: Capcom’s Nightmare Before Christmas and both Maximo games. I don’t think it’s a good policy to keep players looking like generic ragamuffins until the endgame, do you? Some of this will absolutely be relevant to new players and casual players — we may find out about new ways to level, new zones to play in, new ways to keep up with our friends, and more. Sora will be released as part of the Challenger Pack 11 downloadable content (DLC), which will be priced at $5.99. When the day of the Final Smash Ultimate DLC announcement came, I had really low hopes, but when it was revealed that the final Smash Ultimate DLC was none other than Sora from Kingdom Hearts, my love for Smash Ultimate was healed, and order was restored.

If you smash one, you just might land some repair tokens, Halloween masks, a Horseless Head pet and more. With that hand, video game mens halloween costumes I might as well fold. It was very well done. I have cut The Secret World plenty of slack for hiccups and bumps over the years (and I am willing to do so in the future because it just doesn’t have an equal in the MMOverse and it does what it does so well), but this last one can’t be brushed off. Lift the restriction and suddenly you’ve magnified the wardrobe potential several times over. But no, I’m restricted to this class and the four suits of armor I seem to find over and over again. That’s why I keep trying to find armor models and costume pieces that aren’t skimpy to the point of silliness but instead look good and practical. Anyhow, it does no matter what the purpose is; we could find that there are countless cosplayers are into fairy tail cosplay. The RIFT Wardrobe Wiki (yes, there is such a thing) lists only six costume sets in the game at this point, and unless I hear differently, that’s what I’m going with. Even if you’re ignorant about Street Fighter and its characters (which I’m sure none of you are), you just gotta admire the adorableness going on between these two.

In LotRO, my characters can use any armor model in my wardrobe, whether it’s heavy plate or loose, flowing robes. Unfortunately, RIFT subscribes to the notion that female characters need completely different armor models for the same pieces of armor, and these suits of armor have about 40% less coverage in favor of showing some skin. Most wardrobe pieces can be dyed, although some are restricted or locked in to a specific color. Both costume and armor pieces can be slotted into the wardrobe, although the player is restricted to his or her class when it comes to the armor (so no Warriors wearing cloth armor in the wardrobe, etc.). Obviously, the solution is to get more armor variants into the game ASAP. Let’s get to it! Don’t get me started on those bizarre Dwarven happy hats, please. I had great hopes that RIFT’s system would provide the same satisfaction that I get with designing outfits in Lord of the Rings Online, but after 1.2, I found this not to be the case. The key problem behind my dissatisfaction with the wardrobe system is actually quite simple: There aren’t enough different types of armor, and the ones we do have aren’t that visually appealing.