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She can get totally patriotic and sport the red, white and blue as she celebrates the good old USA dressed as Betsy Ross or wearing a USA flag dress. Many are lured below in search of riches, glory, or answers to old secrets. The following 18 files are in this category, out of 18 total. Come and spend an hour with Jeff Lewis (Vork), Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo), and Sean Becker (director), and find out the inside scoop on this fan-favorite series. Then come check out The Legend of Neil! The Legend of Neil is a web-based series about a real-life slacker who gets sucked into a video game, with hilarious results. Avatar University Avatar Insurance Plumbing Legend Avatar Final Expense Leads. DJ Apseth and DJ Etcet will be spinning dance music, so make sure those NPCs send you on a quest for the perfect party. The Third Annual Quest For The Bling Gnome Trophy is hosted by local Atlanta geek trivia-meisters from Battle & Brew. Changing it up: The annual Vanity Fair Oscar Party is going virtual. Our annual cornucopia of contests, sing-alongs, and other goings on from the world of Azeroth.

Fate/Grand Order Everything you wanted to know about World of Warcraft, but were afraid to ask. Want to know what it’s like to star in an Internet smash hit? Want to learn how to manage any size guild? Not only do we have the full scoop on the anniversary update, but we chatted with Guild Wars Live Team members John Stumme and Matthew Moore about the creation of the event. Come join the group from Hi-Rez Studios as they discuss Global Agenda, the game’s recent Sandstorm update, and perhaps talk about their plans for the future of this high-octane hybrid title. Tucked within an announcement stating that Xbox One-exclusive action game Sunset Overdrive is now being pressed to retail discs comes information on the game’s day one bonus items, its pre-order bonuses and the content-packed Day One Digital Deluxe Edition. The anime Vampire Knight Zero cosplay costume is full of promise for a day or night of adventure. Some Costumes have Costume Emotes that are Emotes only accessible for the player who has equipped a specific Costume. Instead, he’ll (reluctantly) have to be the hero to save Mario and his friends. I have helped dispel the myths surrounding gaming and especially WoW.

You also have cute love sick words written all over the dress.’s Krystalle Voecks will give you a guided tour of MMO’s that are free to play, as well as discussing companies crossing over paid MMOs to the F2P space. That odd shape does mean its indicator light is a bit hidden, but when the sound is good enough that buying two to create a stereo setup seems like a reasonable option, maybe we can get over it… These are titles that combine a welcoming beginner journey, intuitive controls, a helpful community, and enough similarities with other video games to help the transition. I searched online for an image of stuffed toys I could use but nothing was high quality enough and was too blurry when blown up to size. ’s nothing ambiguous about how beautiful these 2B and 9S cosplays were at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair. It wouldn’t be a party without presents, and at this party the gifts are for you! Party favors for you! Last year we heard one request many, many times: offer a panel on MMOs for parents and children to play together. And it already has fans begging for a Season 2.) The psychological thriller follows a fictional game in which contestants play a series of children’s game for a large cash prize.

Pacman and Ms. Pacman are an easy choice for a classic video game couples costume, however traveling with this might be take a little thinking. What: Take a self-guided walk through a haunted house where Dr. Grimsley was once considered a leader in the medical community but now, decades later, is seen as sadistic and barbaric. Con offers us a chance to get involved with the community and give back some of the love we get during the year. T.J. Mihill returns this year to answer questions on gold farming, scams, hacked accounts, and just who owns all of that virtual bling, anyway. From the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to other legal issues in Virtual Worlds, T.J. Con! The crew from Sony Online Entertainment is back to help us celebrate the 11th year of life on Norrath. Join our resident track expert, Christina “Romily” Rollins, as she returns for yet another year!