Every Arkham Suit Ranked In 60 Seconds #shorts

I don’t care about cosmetics, so here’s a video I threw together in an hour where I rank the suits you all love so much. Stop asking me to do this.

Music: Trophy Room

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42 thoughts on “Every Arkham Suit Ranked In 60 Seconds #shorts

  1. The original arkham suit vs the "OG" arkham suit in knight. The knight version is not the same as the original the greys are different and the cape is too bright while being a completly different shade.on top of the cape being COMPLETELY redesigned when gliding. Rocksteady completely botched the knights version of the asylum suit

  2. Not worth 240% Sums it up perfectly, it's a cool suit but after unlocking it you have no reason to use it cause you done beat the game twice and have no other reason to play it again.