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Map chat during the initial post-patch period was not fun, and I bristled at the change in normally quiet, friendly cities. It’d be nice to know whether this is due to the sorting technology working properly or I just need to have more faith in humanity, but I still see tons of roleplay happening in Megaserved cities like Rata Sum and the Grove, and map chat in the open world has been lively and helpful overall. He was the one who recommended I play this new game called World of Warcraft. I’ve seen some of GW2’s staunchest critics describe it as a game that jettisoned substance in favor of convenience, and while I don’t think that was ever entirely true, I do think ArenaNet originally tried some ideas that missed a bit of what establishes an MMORPG as an RPG. I even ran across a couple of event states I’d never seen because they usually fail within a few minutes, and between a couple of other players and me, we managed to take down the Sinister Triad commanders shortly after they spawned instead of letting them roam free to terrorize the zone for hours.

I could count on maybe seeing one or two other players over the course of several hours (and some of them were hanging out to roleplay — you know who you are!), which made completing some of the events in the zone very difficult. Being asked to complete a map for a single trait unlock isn’t a huge deal, and neither is needing to find specific events; those are both activities players are likely to run across in the course of leveling, and they provide a bit of direction. I’ve already discussed the changes to the cosmetic system at length, but it’s worth noting that outfits are a really good way to cover up doofy lowbie gear without needing to spend transmutation charges. The balance changes make tooling around on a lowbie character painless, but I have some reservations about how it might affect downscaling since level 80 characters could already kill low-level mobs by sneezing vigorously in their general direction. Who knows — maybe someday, you’ll be able to import your characters back into a future version of the game. You can plan for this game with the office colleagues, friends and other group of people. Some people miss having everything unlocked as they level up without any fuss, and it’s true that not having that makes it harder to experiment with builds while leveling (although you can always head to the sPvP lobby and try stuff out to your heart’s content).

It wasn’t exactly crowded, but I haven’t found groups of people doing events in Brisban since the first few days after GW2 launched. I was surprised at just how easy I found traitless killing: Enemies die a lot quicker now than they did with traits before the patch. Wow! That was quite a lot to read on your part and I thank you heartily for sticking with it. The fastest news will be found on social networks, where you’ll probably see news as it happens — try following @Warcraft, @WoWInsider, or any of your other favorite WoW blogs on Twitter for quick updates from the convention floor. I’d heard mixed opinions on the new Megaserver technology, so I headed to Brisban Wildlands to try it out for myself. The experience for new GW2 characters has changed so much that I rolled up yet another alt post-patch to try it out. Any characters created before the feature pack release still operate under the old system and will have their traits automatically unlocked at the appropriate levels. Merge Games announce the release of Awesomenauts, the hugely acclaimed Multiplayer Online Battle Game, for retail. Characters created after the release will have a bit more legwork to do while leveling up; the good news is that ArenaNet has given enemies in the open world a balance pass to account for traits being less accessible.

I appreciate them for that alone, especially since the Bloody Prince costume makes my Asura look like he should be doing some heavy ’90s-era World of Darkness LARPing. Will she nab a coveted spot among the first 100 registrants for the BlizzCon costume contest? In our next interview with Amanda, we’ll peek behind the scenes as the pandaren monk costume slowly comes together — and meet a few unexpected challenges head on! The collaborative development initiative discussion on horizontal progression was chock-full of players asking for more involved forms of character advancement, which I am 100% behind because paying for a book to click on was pretty hollow. For content creation, look for displays that cover 100% sRGB color space. Swapping critical damage percentage for the new Ferocity stat has also resulted in characters doing a bit less damage across the board, but it doesn’t make much of a difference in leveling content. The feature pack changes have moved GW2 closer to a good balance between ease of access and progression, and by choosing which direction to head in, ArenaNet has hopefully set a definitive tone for upcoming content.

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