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Custom archetypes, certain costume pieces, power tinting, veteran rewards and some other goodies will only be open to subscribers, or “gold members.” And a few features, such as adventure packs and supergroup creation, will be available to silver players on a limited basis or can be purchased as microtransactions. The visuals in battle, while still retaining that cartoon-like look to them, are a little more detailed, the main characters transforming into more fully realized version of their costume designs, along with some very nice looking monster designs. The Secret World: Stories from Solomon Island In addition to the return of the Cat God storyline, this year the game will feature a new series of missions that tasks you with completing a book of urban legends for the League of Monster Slayers. Unfortunately, I suspect the ability to create your own alien would leap behind the paywall to become a subscriber-only feature.

Next week, as prompted by a staff discussion, I’m going to talk about Enhancements to the best of my ability. The ability to create and share missions is too great a selling point to shut completely behind the subscriber paywall (I would hope). Unless a free-to-play STO were to restrict non-subscribers to a single character slot, I can’t see this being a point of contention. CO subscribers will get at least eight character slots, while non-subscribers will have to survive with a measly two. Whatever systems would allow for reviewing and sharing missions certainly would be restricted — maybe non-subscribers wouldn’t be able to share missions at all. Maybe free players would be able to create missions using limited item or NPC sets, or even using limited gameplay mechanics. As for my social life, it’s a pretty even mix — I spend a lot of time online with other Massively staff and people in-game, but it’s nice to be able to log off and just hang out around the house with friends. A lot of people put their hearts and souls into inventing their own alien races.

Come with elastic strap easy to put on and take off. In STO, that could translate roughly into races, which come bundled with certain pre-set skill bonuses. This column is going up toward the end of the sale, so some of the best prices for some may have come and gone, but between the voting, the flash sales, and the fact that Steam usually uses the last day or so to repeat some of the biggest sales, it’s possible to get the best prices again even if you missed the first round. While Terry didn’t entirely interest me at first, he was pretty cool (although I will never get over that stupid rule Japan made for Smash against Mai). Negishi specifically mentions the triumphant sound that plays while opening a treasure chest, but he notes that there will be other audio-based cues as well. Basic archetypes will be available to all players, while gold archetypes (whatever those might be) will be open to all subscribers and to silver players who buy them separately.

Glancing at the list gives the impression — reinforced by Patrick Mackey’s assessment — that non-subscribers, or “silver players,” will enjoy access to a hefty slice of CO’s content. From the sound of it, most of CO’s core content will be available to all players. Alongside the big announcement, CO Executive Producer Shannon Posniewski presented fans with a “features matrix” to explain the upcoming division of content between free players and subscribers. All characters levels, all zones, PvP, crafting and a few other features will be completely free. Premiering on Sept. 17, the series has already made international waves for its gripping suspense and, of course, gruesome ends for many of the characters. Of course, the guys at Cryptic won’t dole out everything for free. But of course, STO players have more than just common sense and the transitive property to rely on. Since races are already popular fodder for the C-Store, I would expect to see more races restricted to subscribers or to microtransactions. Having to subscribe in order to customize alien races would be pretty unpopular, though. Some “super-premium” races likely would end up going only to subscribers.

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