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They seem to be a compromise to avoid removing those pieces entirely, since they really have no place in the upcoming system. So you get to practice and play with abilities you may not have previously paid much attention to. When I say “highly anticipated,” I mean that a large part of the playerbase is collectively vibrating and may soon gain enough momentum to will April 15th into arriving immediately. Hopefully, that’ll mean more replayability. I think dungeons teach people less about their own character, and more about working with others. I’ll probably play more Borderlands, as my Siren is working on her second playthrough. Bonus: What makes a good snack food for long play sessions? Two of those categories arguably make sense, as the head slot is a good place to put universal armor items and having an overlay for outfits is pretty cool. As an act of cross – villain good will, he has passed this idea on to the VIPER Psionic Directors. Theoretically, anyway. Yes, you’ll have your trolls in the dungeon queues, but you’ll also learn to work with others in the context of a party and party roles. I’m not kidding. Notable roles include Penny from Inspector Gadget, Susie from Rugrats, Elmyra from Tiny Toons, Executor Selendis in Starcraft II, Auriel in Diablo III, and countless more.

MapleStory: Halloween Events (Ends Nov. 5th) Check out creepy costumes, go on a mission for a witch, battle baddies in a haunted mansion, prank or treat, and more! It’s a safer avenue to try this kind of expression out in public and often around others that accept it as their norm. It’s like one of those giant standup things at Gamestop, but there’s a guy in it! Only one problem with that: Apparently when you eat a candy, your hitbox resizes, and not just your graphical image. Everything from the bright orange to the signature top hat replicates the original image perfectly. Outfits — as defined by the original wardrobe blog post and further clarification by developer Curtis Johnson — are one-piece overlays that will not cost charges to equip, can be dyed, can be worn in combat, and will respect the head slot toggle. As of last week, ArenaNet has revealed all of the major features Guild Wars 2 players can expect to see in April 15th’s highly anticipated feature pack.

Last but not least, we’ve been told that many individual pieces — mostly head slot items, from the looks of it — will be converted to and unlocked as universal armor items. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Underworld ditches the traditional green tank, but still looks hot as ever. They’re still there! It’s just that the quests are part of the rotation now. Unless you’ve been following every part of the conversation, it’s easy to miss what exactly ArenaNet plans to do with town clothes you’ve possibly paid real money for and whether or not they’ll even be something you want to keep after the patch, so I’m going to break it down one piece at a time. Possibly the most perplexing part of the town clothes update is ArenaNet’s plan to turn some retired town clothes pieces into tonics. Once I get my master’s, I plan to work toward getting my hours for licensure. I will admit, they did most if not all the work. The catch, however, is that there is an impostor in the group and the team of players have to work together in order to catch this impostor. Have you done any other kind of crafting?

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? It’s also revealed that the world Shulk inhabits began as an experiment, meaning there is no greater purpose to life; Shulk and everything he knows are just happy accidents. Others, arriving too late, peered longingly into the tall glass windows that surround Nintendo World. T-shirts, miniature figurines of Nintendo characters (Link, for instance), GameCubes, Nintendo DSs, a power glove, scraps of paper, Game Boy micros, and so on. Sid Meier’s Pirates! is quite possibly my favorite game of all time, and a potential future column. There is no way that the game could focus on every story in the game simultaneously and give all of those stories the absolute justice that they deserve. If nothing else is ever changed about the way the new wardrobe system is planned to work, I’ll consider it a net gain both as a roleplayer and as a person who likes playing internet dress up. Who voices Scout Captain Elsia? Then ask the mirror who the prettiest orc in Orgrimmar is.