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It’s the sort of letter that pretty much everyone at Massively gets from time to time, insisting that we’ve sold out at some point. Check out amazing alligatorloki artwork on DeviantArt. If you’d like to learn how to count as well, check out The Perfect Ten. It’s also not a money pit like several other cancelled NCsoft titles. A steady release of smaller, budget priced titles is something that’s pretty regular today, but such things were more novel and innovative during the Xbox 360 era, thanks to Xbox Live Arcade, so it’s a good thing to see them bring some of those earlier innovators back. And that’s going to be a topic of a future column, but it’s worth stating this up front because the last thing I want to do is give other people false hope about the game. Yuriko Tiger has previously worked with video game giant Bandai Namco, and also has a J-Pop group.

While I admit my thoughts on this point are sort of broadcast from Theoryland, the Control options do seem to lack much in the way of really startling powers compared to the other group roles. Assuming the Quantum set works as it’s designed — I haven’t observed it yet, so I can’t say for certain — it’ll expand the control options of the game a little bit. The set includes Halloween favorites like witches, mummies and werewolves, as well as some costumes drawn from Japanese culture and history. It certainly implies that we’ll see another set of tanking and healing powers, but it might just be a chance to buff up a less-attractive role. It was also a great chance for players to get together and really feel the pull of acting together. It’s hard not to feel a tug when Atlas Park’s stairs are covered in heroes holding torches for a game that’s held us all together for so long.

Unlike Star Wars Galaxies, this game has no complex licensing issues to untangle. There are new sales and new challenges in Guild Wars now, with even more on the way! Besides, there are the white one piece dress and the black dress, the georgeous flower dress and the black fur dress and many other for the character of Inori Yuzuriha. Let’s hope so. Besides, changing her origin story could conceivably still result in Huntress, compared to changing, say, Tim Drake’s origin story. No, the odds are against us because we have basically no ammunition. It’s not a matter of the odds being against us and we just have to try harder; this isn’t The Dark Knight Rises. Literally. If you’re interested in cosplaying Link, regardless of what outfit you choose, you’ll have an easy time putting together a cosplay for the Hero of Hyrule. Those with short brown hair could cosplay Max Caulfield. But we don’t have any actual threats or firepower to leverage against NCsoft, and it’s very likely that all of our protests and requests will amount to nothing.

Some Halloween-themed games, such as pin the tail on the donkey style games, will likely lose their appeal after only one or two play sessions. Do we have sessions in costume? In the past, a game would have been bought on a disk. Batman. Considering that there’s a very real possibility that we won’t ever get another challenge along these lines, it’s like having a Transformers game where you can play as Shockwave or Landfill. Or you can pick up a Booster Gold costume on both factions, which seems like a better option, because Booster Gold is awesome. The hopes of another company taking over requires us to convince NCsoft that there’s a paying customer base that it would like to sell to another company while at the same time convincing that other company that it’s worth the expense to purchase the game in the first place. If the presence of a paying customer base would have kept the game afloat, we wouldn’t be here having this discussion. We as players have precisely two arguments to make to NCsoft to convince it to not kill the game: that we’d pay money for the game and that we care about it.

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