Korone Reacts to All Her Abilities and Costumes in Idol Showdown [Hololive]

Korone checking out her moveset in the fan-made game, Idol Showdown. What I wouldn’t give to see a Hololive tournament with the Holomems playing their characters.

It’s free on Steam! Check it out here:



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46 thoughts on “Korone Reacts to All Her Abilities and Costumes in Idol Showdown [Hololive]

  1. Now this is what happens when you have a game made by those who love what they're making, instead of trying to make some sort of political message and forcing it down their customer's throats.

  2. Nice video mate, but instead of "family computer's controller" it would be better if you translate it to "NES's controller" or "nintendo enterteainment system's controller"

  3. Its a very well thought out and made fan game. I'm surprised at the depth they put in it from voice lines, item system for various hints into Hololive jokes and "lore" of the vTubers, and combo sets that are on par with many main stream fighting games. The art is also very well done.