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Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) I have been playing a lot more WoW lately, mostly working on old raid achievements that I never picked up, and farming for mounts and toys that I didn’t have yet. Dawn Moore (@dawnwow) This Sunday will be my last raid night before the expansion since I’m going on vacation next week. Having been a fan of the Tales series since Tales of Destiny, I am always eager to try out a new entry in the series, knowing well that I will find all those familiar elements that I have come to love over the years. Find out when you play this eerie game and spooky game. The stunning costume no doubt took a lot of time to make, and is one of the cosplay costumes that appears to represent Lord Braska better than the game itself. Let those gorgeous Doctors know that your heart is broken by wearing the Sexy Operation Game Costume – Womens. Alex Ziebart (@AlexZiebart) Patch 6.0 has brought me back into the game for sure. Adam Koebel (@BendakWoW) Patch 6.0 did get me playing again. These are usually very casual players who would otherwise not have the means, and they get so excited when they get their heroic Garrosh heirloom.

The story follows a pair of combat androids who are fighting on humanity’s behalf. It is, to me at least, beyond unimportant — it breaches the wall of apathy and drives deep into the utter void of concern, a fantastical place where literally any other subject — the price of rare fruits, a tea cup shaped like the Hulk’s head, a discussion of Gynandromorph Finches, the taste of baker’s chocolate, the Altay mountains — is of more concern to me than the in-game holiday we are discussing. The Japanese game designer is, perhaps, trying to temper expectations. The free version comes with the Core Fighter Pack, which includes DEAD OR ALIVE icons Ayane, Hayate, Kasumi, and Ryu Hayabusa with almost every game mode will be available. Added targeted versions of all emotes, so if you emote while targeting someone, it will indicate this in your emote message. While the original NieR’s development was wrapping up, Yoko was already thinking about a sequel. While it was a difficult to photograph, this costume displays the sheer creativity of the cosplaying community. Because this costume is so simple, you can be as creative as you’d like. The SoO nerf has made it possible to bring in several inexperienced and/or undergeared players under the wing of a few experienced ones so they can experience this content for themselves.

I actually find the Warlords pre-event dull beyond belief — it feels like they put no effort into it — but the expansion hype encouraged me to do older content I’d previously overlooked. When the expansion launches I usually just want to speed through it all to get ahead of the crowd and be done with it. Beta leveling is the only time I’ll read quests and enjoy the process so it’s important for me to get it done. Other than WoW and beta I’ll probably only have time for mobile games this week (finally restarted Plants vs. I’ll definitely try to get all the new stuff done this weekend if I have the time, but I’m prioritizing beta leveling before beta goes away. Plus, be sure to jump down to the comments to tell us just what you’re playing this weekend. There was little game footage, save for a shot of the sequel’s mechanical hero, 2B, swooping down to the ground in a black dress, eye mask and boots. The story had its merits, but the overall adventure was weighed down by some bland environments and tedious fetch quests. NieR was a strange experience, extending the story of the original, equally bizarre Drakengard game from the PlayStation 2 era.

The premise of the story involves a brother and sister setting forth on Halloween night on the usual trick-or-treat candy hunt. And for all I know these two could just be rolling up to a Halloween party, but their costumes still live up to the best budget cosplays at huge cons. Two years ago, no one would have guessed that a new NieR was in development. Hallow’s End is my eternal nemesis, but I’m working on getting the two new pets so I get something out of the holiday, even if it isn’t the horse I’ve been after since it was put in the game. I hope I’ll find time to pick up the new pets this year, but I’m off on vacation next week and it may have to wait for next Hallow’s End. Those prizes will need to wait until next year. Now that it’s a hit, there’s a good chance more will follow after the dramatic ending to the nine-episode season 1. The series premiered Sept. Sarah Pine (@ilaniel) I’ve actually had a chance to play a bit recently! I’ve been a bit too busy to really dig into Hallow’s End, though.