LittleBigPlanet Delisted DLC STILL Available in Japan?! | LBP3 Disney Costumes #shorts #playstation

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If you’ve kept up with LittleBigPlanet 3, you might know that some of its licensed DLC, such as the Disney costumes, were sadly delisted off the PlayStation store a few years ago. But did you know that in Japan, some of these delisted costumes are still available to purchase?

All of the Disney DLC introduced in LBP3 such as the Inside Out, Monster’s Inc., Big Hero 6 & Frozen costume packs can still be bought if you have a Japanese PlayStation account.

Credit to Chunky104 for LBP themed background

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46 thoughts on “LittleBigPlanet Delisted DLC STILL Available in Japan?! | LBP3 Disney Costumes #shorts #playstation

  1. You didn't mention the pirates of the Caribbean pack, Muppets pack or even the marvel packs. Those were licensed dlcs that were taken off the store for lbp2 years before this. Lbp3 only had one good thing about it and that was the story mode gameplay. Most OG lbp fans would all agree, lbp1-2 were best!

  2. I actually have both the Big Hero 6 and Frozen Costume, because I have an old account that dates back to the first LittleBigPlanet, I feel very cool 😎

  3. I still remember the Sonic the Hedgehog DLC.. One time, i just decided to get only Sonic because if we chose to get the full pack with the rest of the characters, that would be a waste of $! Then another 2 years.. i asked mom for the rest of the characters in the pack because i LOVE Tails so much, he’s my fav character in the franchise. But yeah! Those times were around 2016-2018! 🥹 (R. I. P good times when my 2 brothers and I always played any LBP in the middle of the night and stuff. Those were great memories when we were small.. We’re so old now, can’t believe it’s been many years since…!)

  4. There is a way to get around this problem some how if you change your time zone and make it not able to understand you can be able to access the servers before it was unplugged. Now I have not tested this on the ps4 or 5 so I do not know to do it on ps4 nor 5 but only ps3 because it has been experimented.