Lots of Costumes are coming in the Project Runway Update!

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46 thoughts on “Lots of Costumes are coming in the Project Runway Update!

  1. Kingdom: okay, we draw it then not release another one after a few months.
    Ovenbreak: here’s ur costumes! I know, we slay every time. LOTS AND LOTS OF COSTUMES FOR UUU

  2. New costumes are cool, but as a f2p player it saddens me because the rainbow cubes roulette never works, rainbow cubes are hard to get, and most codes containing rainbow cubes are expired. 🙁

    Mustards,timekeepers,cherry blossoms AND PRINCESS COOKIES COSTUME will be released in part 2 as it says I the game mode (part 1) and timekeepers didn't release this update neither the rest except cotton candy cookie,Earl gray and white choco cookie