Mario, but Costumes have CUSTOM Powers

What if Mario’s outfits came with special abilities? In this video, we will give Mario unique powers based on the costume he picks. Super Mario Odyssey’s shops have great looking clothes for Mario but now we can make them actually useful with gameplay enhancements.


Mod Credit:
Aviator: Speed and fly mod by ChrisHappy321
Sailor: Air Kills mod by Biishop
Explorer: Kingdom Pass by ZPL
Gold Mario: Rings Over Coins by PlasticMilkMachine and Coin Grind by McMysterzYT
Employee Uniform: Outfit price and unlock by Leathan
Mechanic: Wario Bike Over Motorcycle by The Homer Of Steel and Mario Kart over the Fast Sand Dog by klixx1233
Spacesuit: Moon Gravity by GamesJam82
Scientist: Cloned Mario Release by BaconFearMC

Thank you all!

Other mods created by Arrowstotle


Mario Odyssey is a popular 3D platformer game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console. In this game, Mario embarks on an epic adventure through various kingdoms, using his trusty hat, Cappy, to possess enemies and objects to gain new abilities.

One of the unique features of Mario Odyssey is the ability to collect and use different costumes that have their own unique abilities. These costumes can be obtained by purchasing them from in-game shops or by finding them hidden throughout the various kingdoms.

Some of the costumes in Mario Odyssey include a pirate outfit, a cowboy outfit, and even a wedding dress. Each of these costumes has its own unique set of abilities.

The costumes not only add a fun and unique aspect to the game, but they also play an important role in progressing through the game. Some obstacles and challenges can only be overcome by using specific costumes, encouraging players to experiment and collect as many costumes as possible.

Overall, Mario Odyssey is a fantastic game that combines classic platformer gameplay with innovative mechanics such as possessing enemies and using costumes with unique abilities.


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45 thoughts on “Mario, but Costumes have CUSTOM Powers

  1. Doesn't make sense that even when he throws his invisible cap he stays invisible. Also these are really op so I think a good idea would be to make each costume work only in their respective kingdom

  2. you should have done the amibos where if you chose the bowser wedding suit you get to become bowser and transform as him anytime anywhere and you get his abilites but my fave is bowser suit

  3. Here's an idea: if you wear one of the broodal suit, any broodal other than the one who the suit corresponds to will not attack you at all unless the real deal is actually on the ship and you can just skip past one for a quicker journey. For example, the Topper suit will fool all the broodals except Topper, unless the actual Topper is on the Broodal ship.