Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – NEW Alternate Suits and Pre-Order Bonus REVEALED!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – NEW Alternate Suits and Pre-Order Bonus REVEALED!

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Kraven’s Hunters are in pursuit of Dr. Curt Connors, AKA The Lizard, and Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, need to stop them.

Launching Fall 2023, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the next game in PlayStation’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PlayStation 5 console.

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47 thoughts on “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – NEW Alternate Suits and Pre-Order Bonus REVEALED!

  1. I hope if the tokusatsu suit has color variants, that each one is a reference to the big 3 toku
    One for kamen rider
    One for super sentai/power rangers
    And one for ultraman

  2. As much as i want that figure, im not really sure i want to give 250 Euro for it. On top of that im from Bulgaria, so i think that solves my problem: Im preordering the standart Disc version, because i love having them discs in my collection, next to my Marvel comics collection. Not looking to sell it after playing and plating the game.

  3. Stone Monkey suit is a reference to Monkey King, quite interesting choice there.
    Frankly I wish we can unlock special unique suits, if I get in-game suits early from pre-order/special editions, then whats the point? I'll just get it anyway…

  4. Locking suits beyond a paywall isnt new. Spider-Man had 9 suits locked behind the Turf dlcs. 3 for each one. I have No issues with them adding suits for a Digital Deluxe Edition. Insomniac make Excellent products that I am HAPPY to spend more money. They are one of the few companies I am 100% okay with forking out more money and supporting.

  5. Can’t wait for it to get ported and these outfits are in the port later down the line (people don’t argue if it won’t get ported or not the first game got ported only 4 years after the initial ps release if not it’s whatever not getting a ps5 for a single exclusive even if it is Spider-Man)

  6. not loving most of these.

    always down for some origina suits but id love some deep cuts missing from the first game (i.e ben riley spiderman, unlimited, ASM2, iron spider mk2)

    and it would be cool for miles to have more street clothes varieties

  7. I wonder if you own the normal edition (disc) after release, if you can buy the 10 suits on the PS store for a suitable fee. That way you can both have the disc and have the suits