My Singing Monsters but in REAL Life!

Wow! The music from these Video Game Monsters are so fun to play! Which My Singing Monsters are your favourite? What musical instruments are your favourite?


The Magadi Kalimba:


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My Singing Monsters in this video:
– Clackula
– Bonkers
– Jeeode
– Tiawa
– Bridg-it
– Epic Wubbox

Musical Instruments in this video:
– Bones
– Slapaphone
– Crystalophone
– Marimba
– kalimba
– drum kit
– tang tang
– midi keyboard

From the video games: My Singing Monsters and Dawn of Fire

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33 thoughts on “My Singing Monsters but in REAL Life!

  1. Drop your song suggestions!


    The Magadi Kalimba:

    What do you think the hardest monster was to play?

    The truth is, it was Clackula! The bones are a very tricky instrument because playing them is essentially playing the air and when you strike the air, they clamp together on an upwards angle. The fast triplets are very hard to time precisely and consistently at that tempo. That one for me was the hardest! It’s really easy for the bones to slip around and that messes up the sound/timing to be precise!

    I used Slapaphone for bonkers because my boomwhackers don’t go low enough in pitch. Perhaps it would be fairly simple to make your own custom Boomwhackers to go into the very low bass range.

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