Ranking The Current Arcade Costumes (So That We Can Be Disappointed Later This Year)

Cool Arcade Facts: We are getting none of these during the Arcade Event)

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46 thoughts on “Ranking The Current Arcade Costumes (So That We Can Be Disappointed Later This Year)

  1. I’m betting a dollar that we’re getting Nero with her hair down or Kiyohime with the ponytail and nothing else. Maybe Setanta or Jacques will appear as NPC’s and that’s it.

  2. I don't even have Amakusa, Gilgamesh, Kintoki, Jack, Eresh, Edmond, Marie, Lily Da Vinci, Drake, nor Waver (anymore that is T-T) but I need those DRIP Lasagna!! 👏 (Also, I know I might be spelling the company's name wrong, but it ain't my fault they named themselves after a FOOD! -_-)

    Also, Ibaraki would have rocked a queen cut, get rid of the side buns in the summer hair cut and you'll see what I mean. 👍

    Need, Mash, OUTFIT!!! 👀

  3. I believe I'm the only one who thinks Arcade Jack outfit looks terrible?
    It feels like trying to "correct" her OG design but it goes soo hard on the other opposite side that it also looks like trash, and I'm talking as a person who is pretty chill about her OG getup in all three ascensions.

  4. At this point is arcade busting our balls right now? Most of these skins are a need bro. If they are not giving out AU's or much needed buffs at least give them some costumes smh.

  5. Ones I want – Jalter, Eresh, Jeanne, Mash, Okita, Ishtar, Salter, Waver, Shuten. The later four I lack ergo the lower ranking. And yes, give us a Summer Eresh. For class I would say either Assassin (using her plague power ties and keeping the class advantage over Ishtar) or Ruler. Eresh was one I got lucky on and quickly became one of my prime Lancers. The nice thing was I grew to like her even more over the Christmas event she was key to unlike say liking the design on a character and meeting them in an event and going 'you are annoying.' So I guess silver lining to not getting Caren.