RATE THE COSTUMES! Street Fighter 6

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With Street Fighter finally back in the limelight and with a new art style, it is time once again for Max to rate each character’s new outfit in the game, as well as they’re returning classic ones! How will they stack up to previous iterations?

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36 thoughts on “RATE THE COSTUMES! Street Fighter 6

  1. I like Juri's 6 costume the most. It feels like it's combining elements of her original design and 5's in a way that feels like it fits.

  2. Kim's default costume is great, but her alt is chef's kiss !!!! It's giving very much 90's RnB/Pop star just like the top comment says. It just warms my heart to see Black characters done RIGHT after being done wrong for decades.

  3. While I love his default costume in this game, I thinl Zangief looks a bit worse here overall.
    Street Fighter 4 and 5 had his muscles more well defined and had his abs where as here, he looks more like 80's era buff wrestlers:
    Large arms and legs, but little to no abs.

  4. Kimberly also having the larger shoulders in her outfit is bushinryu, Guy has it, in other media ninja scroll the series two kunoichi also have the large shoulderpads. Samurai showdown basically every ninja in it too.

  5. @MaximilianDood can you PLS do a video Rating the SF6 Concept Art!! I unlocked all of it playing Arcade Mode and there's sooo many interesting ideas & variations! I'd L🖤VE to get your thoughts on the Unused Costumes ✍🏽