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As the costume illustrator and concept artist for A Wrinkle in Time, Justice League, and Black Panther, he has helped create the captivating images for these incredible films and his hard work is paying off in a big way. Meanwhile, The Flash, starring Ezra Miller as the scarlet speedster, is reported to unite a multiverse of old and new superhero stars, including Ben Affleck’s Batman as seen in the Justice League films and Michael Keaton back in the batsuit from Tim Burton’s Batman films. You’ve got a big Ben Stiller cosplay career ahead of you. Working on Black Panther has been a career highlight for Boutte, a former child actor who left the industry after being disappointed by the stereotypical roles offered to black men.

It’s like being a psychiatrist in a way. That idea mixed in with it being like Timbuktu which had all the gold and had the kings and was hard to get to and once you got there you had a really strong military to deal with. The fact that she gets to write about The Office regularly is like a dream come true. Getting the gig was a dream on its own, but Boutte was even more fulfilled by his experience with the award-winning director. We caught up with the talented artist to find out how he landed the gig of a lifetime twice in one year and gained insight into how the stunning styles in Black Panther went from concepts to costumes. Instead, I think that Ruth Carter will emerge victorious because of her incredible Afro-Futurist costumes for Black Panther.

In honor of Black History Month, Comcast Xfinity has released Groundbreakers: Heroes Behind the Mask featuring exclusive VOD packages with Phillip Boutte, Jr., Cheo Hodari Coker creator of Netflix’s Luke Cage series and Academy Award nominee and Black Panther costume designer Ruth Carter, harley quinn outfit who will be featured in the print campaign. I got to work with Ruth Carter who is amazing. Super skills: Her character is a former KGB super spy who joins S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent is assigned to join the team to essentially spy on the other heroes for the government. This year’s festival is the eighth since the hobby first found a footing in the Southeast Asian country in 2012, wonder woman costume shortly after a reformist government began loosening the military’s grip on freedom of expression. I’m the first pass at the characters,” he explains. I’m very collaborative. I expand on the concepts or translate their ideas to paper. I work with the costume designer and I’m the first strike they have to visually show their ideas.

“When I present my illustrations, it’s the first time the actors see what the designer is thinking about. In 2016, I worked with a costume designer who designs for the annual Governer’s Ball for the Academy Awards and he wanted to decorate the ball room to look like The Brown Derby, a restaurant that was famous for having caricatures on the walls. The next day, I got a call from producers from Disney who said, ‘Ava DuVernay really likes your work, would you like to come in and meet with her? Meanwhile Wolverine (the only person who sensed the reality’s “wrongness”) and a resurrected Hawkeye (who had been seemingly killed during Wanda’s breakdown) and Cloak gathered these heroes into an assault force to try to restore reality. Phillip Boutte, Jr. knows how to make dreams a reality. “The fact that I worked on Black Panther and A Wrinkle In Time in the same year was like all my childhood dreams realized. Meanwhile, the themed connection between Ronin’s Echo and Clint Barton’s Hawkeye means that the story seems like an organic progression to the MCU.

Unlike last month’s cinematic story trailer, this one is all gameplay, and it features heavy doses of action (yes, that guy did toss a helicopter on top of a skyscraper), as well as a voice-over narrative that hints at how player characters can co-exist with DC legends while carving out their own niche. The basic-yet-gorgeous Civil War costume would be a lot of fun to use, while the 2018 movie’s more tech-based Vibranium suit would be neat as well. Thus far, Clint’s default suit has been shown as well as another look that sees the hero rocking a purple T-shirt.

One of the most renowned cosplay artists, @enjinight is the real woman of steel from the well known comic books and movies. As someone who’s watched or at least heard of every one of these shows, I’m jazzed about all this heady nostalgia. Wolverine has a solution for that last part at least. With Walker as a government-controlled (at least initially) version of Captain America, he tries to match Steve’s ethical, cool-headed ways, but his impulsive personality makes him more brutal and violent. Jenny played the eldest child Bobbie in a 1968 TV adaptation, reprising her role in the film version just two years later. Sapinska detailed that one version was the “hero, photo-ready costume” for lead actor Chadwick Boseman, and others were made for use by different people (i.e., stuntmen) and for different scenarios (like if Boseman or his stunt double needed to fly). Weapon Iron Man doesn’t really use a traditional weapon, so we have to improvise with his look. Our officially licensed Ghostbusters costumes will have him ready to handle all kinds of paranormal activity, especially when you complete the look with accessories! And since heroes aren’t for everyone, we’ve got a selection of awesome men’s villain costumes that will have you taking over the world in no time.

Make sure you have a way to send the invitation. Strange himself peeked into over 14 million possible futures in Avengers: Infinity War as he looked for a way to defeat Thanos. The 20-year-old actress looked darling in a white top with blue flowers which featured a low-cut neckline and puffy cap sleeves. Cole also takes the name White Tiger. “Affirmational fans tend to be people who are well-represented in source content – so cisgender, heterosexual white men,” Miller explains. Arrow season 7 saw the people of Star City reckon with the arrival of a new Green Arrow, who emerged at a time when Oliver Queen was incarcerated. That change came about in the 1960s, and Lee then proceeded to oversee the creation of many of the iconic superheroes people around the world know and love to this day. But little did he know more creative blessings were headed his way.

It’s hard to explain her energy to people, but when she’s around, you feel like you can do and you will and you have to be great because you see her vision and you know what that means and you recognize she’s making a difference so you feel empowered by her. What would that look like? Historical costume dramas a la Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby, or The Duchess (basically any Keira Knightley movie) typically dominate this category, and that’s probably one of the reasons why it’s the award I most look forward to each year. Despite the category’s history, I don’t think any of the period dramas will take home the award this year. Black Panther struck that sweet spot between statement and detail, and I think the Academy will reward Carter for that. In 2002, Black Panther was missing in action.

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