SpongeBob the Cosmic Shake – All Costumes (DLC Included)

A look at all of the unlockable costumes in SpongeBob: The Cosmic Shake with DLC included. This video also shows all of the unique SpongeBob animations that I found in the game. Which costume is your favorite?

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25 thoughts on “SpongeBob the Cosmic Shake – All Costumes (DLC Included)

  1. My favorite costumes

    SpongeBob (original)
    Wacky child
    Employee of the month
    Boy Scout
    Action hero
    Deck swapper
    Explorer bob
    Rehydrate bob
    Jellyfish hunter
    Mermaidman bob

  2. I just started playing the game last night, and I must say. I already like it. They’ve put a Lot of effort into making the costumes and featuring references from the show, video games, and movies.

    Im surprised they didn’t include the drinking hat, the chum bucket bucket helmet, and the costume he wore in mermaid man and barnacle boy 2.

  3. If they do a pack 2, here’s some musts

    Doodle Bob
    Leader Hat and Sock Guarders (Truth or Square)
    (There’s 100% more but I can’t remember what else)

  4. Costume ideas that came to mind from the series:

    -Spongebob in Mr.Krabs shell
    -Mermaid's ring costume
    -With Seaweed beard
    -with false neckbeard
    -Spongebob on alien hunt
    -Prom tuxedo
    -Plankton robot with Spongebob brain
    -Spongebob as Texas
    -Spongebob in a Patrik costume
    -Spongebob as a clarinet
    -Spongebob with the bubbler
    -Spongebob as a god
    -As ice cream with 2 sticks
    -As Gary's coach
    -With ripped pants
    -Spongebob with powdered wig
    -Spongebob with round pants
    -Spongebob with inflated pants -Spongebob with a rough side
    -Spongebob with only his brain
    -Spongebob with the big teeth from the yearbook pictures
    -The costumes of all the different version of the Kristy Krab theme

  5. in my opinion could have two more Skins

    Spongebob Classic: Same model as the Battle for Bikini Bottom From PS2/Gamecube, but inside The Cosmic Shake
    Without changing anything in the graphical part of the Skin model

    Dooblebob:I don't need to say much just dooblebob

  6. The mermaid man costume is a direct nod to Revenge of the Flying Dutchman, the first ps2 spongebob game before BFBB. In that game, you could wear a mermaid man costume as a power up. So glad its here, that game was my childhood. I'm so happy that game isn't forgotten

  7. surprised they didn't get the spongehenge crazy SpongeBob. as creepy as the ending of that episode was, it would've worked as that episode was definitely in an alternate dimension, despite the little information of, what the heck even happened while SpongeBob was gone. regardless, I love all these outfits

  8. Costumes I want in Cosmic Shake Sequel!
    Category 1. From Lost in Time Burger King Toy set
    1. Pilot Spongebob
    2. Classical Composer Spongebob
    3. LibertyBob
    4. Royal Guard Spongebob
    5. Ancient Athlete Spongebob
    6. Samurai Knight Spongebob
    7. Mountle Spongebob
    8. Polar Explorer Spongebob
    9. Pharaoh Spongebob
    10. Andes Spongebob
    11. Sulitan Spongebob
    12. Don Quixote Spongebob
    13. Tai Chi Master Spongebob
    14. Mariachi Spongebob – "I HATE MARACHI!"

    Category 2. From Various Episodes
    1. Hall Monitor
    2. Constructionbob (Home Sweet Pineapple)
    3. Woman Disguise from Mermaidman & Barnacle Boy
    4. Fry Boy
    5. Spacebob (Sandy's Rocket)
    6. Mailbob (Hall Monitor)
    7. Viking Spongebob
    8. Angel- "I have an Ide-ea!"
    9. Santa (From Various christmas episodes)
    10. Fry Cook (From Fry Cook Games)
    11. Bunny
    12. Coach (From the Great Snail Race)
    13. Shower Hat (From The Spongebob Squarepants Movie)
    14. Hotelbob (From Krusty Towers)
    15. Nut Helmet (From Chimps Ahoy)
    16. Brainbob (From Scardey Pants)
    17. Old Spongebob (From Various Episodes)
    18. Babybob (From Various Episodes)

    Category 3. From Video Games
    1. Sneaky Hermit (From Lights, Camera, Pants!)
    2. Punk Spongebob (From Creature from the Krusty Krab)
    3. Drunk Spongebob (From Spongebob Movie Game I'm Ready Depression…)

    Catagory 4. Costumes from the Spongebob Movie game that did not make it into the cosmic shake
    1. Plain Sponge
    2. Ripped Pants
    3. Doodlebob (That Costume was planned for the movie game)

    1. Aviator
    2. Winter Clothes

    If you have any ideas for Costumes for a Cosmic Shake Sequel, Let me know!