Star-Lord’s Top 5 Costumes!

Count down five of Star-Lord’s out-of-this-world comic outfits!
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20 thoughts on “Star-Lord’s Top 5 Costumes!

  1. I love how Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 they started using the comic accurate 2008 outfits which I love, but I also love the 2015 look as well.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the creator said his original suit was black with the white line across the chest along with gold gloves and boots but the printing on the cover was dark blue. And since that cover his suit has always been mistakenly portrayed as blue

  3. Star lord and Gamora are my favorite MCU romance but you know in the comics they never really get together. Something I always wanted to see in the guardians movies is star lord element gun I hope he has it for the final movie though I doubt it.

  4. It has its criticisms but I dig the Sun-Lord outfit he picked up in 2021. It's his most relaxed and zen-like look combined with just enough practicality like the boots and holster to sport the new element gun design. Was kinda hoping we'd see the look continue a little longer with the new Guardians book that just released this week though. I am however curious about the more western/cowboy look he's sporting now.