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In all honesty, I may just pay for a month here and there, tinker quietly with housing, do a little leveling, and call it good. Which is where we get to housing, one of the all-star standouts that Wildstar has to offer. But the Tanker’s powers get prioritized in a very different way, so whether you’re new to the game or just the class, let’s take a look at how to make your Tanker as tanky as possible. Some cosplays require more planning or a bigger budget, but others can be very minimal and still look put together. Housing has its own zone chat, so players diligently working on their decor can socialize, get to know each other, offer trades of decor they don’t want, open their plots to the public so people can come in and look around, complete challenges, and basically have a good time. But beyond costumes are the armor dyes — I have no idea how many dyes exist in game, but you get them in a multitude of different ways. Here are our picks for the best costumes we saw.

If there’s one thing that’s always bothered me about the archetypes in City of Heroes — the vanilla game, that is — it’s that none of them has a name that’s particularly evocative, even though there are tons of examples that each archetype can draw upon. I’m pretty sure there are, but I don’t have a vested interest in racing to get there. At level 14, you get your very own plot of land, floating in the sky. You can add neighbors and visit their homes, complete the Challenges they have constructed on their land, and maybe borrow a few design ideas. If you give your players a little plot of land and some stuff they can build in that plot of land, you will have happy players that will busily and joyfully create their own content for hours upon hours. Everyone’s too focused on new content to even think about visiting classic video games and cosplaying from them. Nintendo is continuing its amusing tradition of lending iconic franchises to 3rd party games with Mario, Luigi and Link costumes in Monster Hunter 4, today’s Monster Hunter 4 Direct revealed. The role of tanks has always had a certain bit of disconnect in fantasy games — after all, very few fantastic adventures involve arguments over who should be taking damage and who should be healing — but in the superheroic milieu it’s a pretty established role.

You feel good inside when you randomly appear with a few stacks of Frostweave Cloth to hand over to a starving Tailor. And you thought you will stand out making a good impression on your friends with your new dress. If you don’t feel enough like a superhero, roll one up and start tanking your heart out. Like other armor classes, they cannot be mixed and matched with others without causing problems — and yes, I remember enjoying the brief period of time when we were able to preview mixed armor weights through the sPvP locker, but I also remember that while it worked sometimes, it also occasionally resulted in really bizarre graphical glitches that went far beyond clipping issues. Battle Axe, Dark Melee, Dual Blades, Electrical Melee, Energy Melee, Fiery Melee, Kinetic Melee, Stone Melee, Super Strength, War Mace: Yes, pretty much the same as in the Brute lineup, except that you can replace “if tanking” with “when tanking.” Stone Melee does get extra points for synergy with Stone Armor as a great tanking set.

Hook, line, and sinker Depending on how the game goes, we might get some new remasters or remakes soon. Whether or not there’s more to follow, at least the show arrived just in time for those striking pink and green uniforms to inspire your Squid Game Halloween costume this year. Almost every team has a member whose role seems to be to stand out in front and get hit in the face by a fist or missile or 747 in a nose dive then shrug off the damage aside from the tattered remnants of a costume. I don’t think I’ll be playing Wildstar with any intent to get to endgame at all, nor will I be investing giant chunks of time in getting things done. Electric Armor: Still not a set I’m really thrilled about, especially since Power Surge feels like it’s asking to get dropped if the fight lasts a moment too long. But I still want to like Tankers a whole lot, because they’re just plain fun. But it feels in a way like WoW’s counterpart to the opposite extreme. In doing his cosplay, Shinrajunkie stuck pretty closely to the character, bringing him to life in a realistic way. Although as a consequence of everyday life nature of the game, it’s extremely in order to stick to the structured practices and even detailed eating plan files.

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