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Marvel now in the rear-view mirror and Kamala Khan’s whereabouts currently unknown until next year’s The Marvels, one of the show’s concept artists Karla Ortiz has taken to social media to show off some alternate designs for Kamala’s superhero costume, as well as her Captain Marvel cosplay from the first episode. DC’s villains – particularly those in Gotham City, like Harley Quinn – each have iconic, amazing costumes which, if combined as well as this one, could be runway-ready.

jedi knight cosplay costume

Also, the picture should help fans appreciate the quantity and quality of props created for the film. Make sure the product meets your needs before you click the “purchase now” button or add goods to your shopping basket. It’s a very interesting point where historical re-enactment is considered. I ask what they have been used for and both Lydia and Mark shrug. The version of King Shark from the Harley Quinn show is way more laid back than others, only having flashes of his desire to chomp down on a human for supper.