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Following what is now epic tradition, we’ve rounded up all the big MMORPG Halloween events and sales for 2014 as well as a few little ones and some from our favorite MOBAs and OARPGs too. What started out as just a simple test build ended up being one of my favorite characters, as well as one of the toughest. The graphics are still my favorite in any superhero MMO, and getting to beat the crap out of iconic comic characters is definitely using your powers for awesome. These are the avatars who genuinely meant something to someone, and while they are about to be deleted from the servers forever, I hope that by archiving them here, they’ll live on for future generations (read: December 2012 readers) to discover. Among dashboard themes and support for archiving broadcasted sessions, an impending patch for the PS4 will add support for users to play tracks from a USB device in the background during gaming sessions. In six months, this will likely change as we see more content added to the game and the population grows, is merged, or dwindles. With such an unfortunate track record as this, the studio has instead opted to forgo the risks of a big budge retail game for their most recent project, Costume Quest, and have instead developed a seasonally-themed downloadable title for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

This is my Operation Game costume. Over in the Marvel universe, I’d rather play Death’s Head or Skids compared to Spider-man or the Thing, partly because of the audacity of letting me jump into game with a character that is not well-known but partly because these smaller characters are more interesting to me. My husband Vynsint and I have been active members of CoH since 2007. These are our first characters, and their costumes haven’t changed much since their creation. When I first heard that City of Heroes would be given a hero’s farewell, I felt for the players who call that game home. Thus, I put out a call for your City of Heroes characters along with their stories so that I could share them with the world at large. He’s an all-electric blaster who started out in Praetoria. I started playing CoH in 2006 when it came to Brazil. I never really thought that her look was totally unique or amazing, but when I started playing, I would get so many compliments from others on how they really liked her. She thought it was all part and parcel of playing on an iPad. Staff was new at the time, and I had never played Invulnerability all that much before, so I thought I would give the combo a shot.

For someone who has the time and social nature to dedicate to getting involved with an active League, who likes running raids, and who does most of his gaming during prime time, I’d recommend it if you’re on the fence. I think Update 2 is a huge step in the right direction in terms of content, and I’m hoping the patch on the 14th indicates that we’re going to be getting bug fixes and other patches more frequently than the giant monster all-at-once deployments we’ve seen prior to now. If, however, you tend to prefer PUGs, you want instance queues to match you up, you don’t want to mess with a League, and you aren’t available during that prime-time window, then I’d suggest you wait for a little while, or at least realize that endgame will require a bit more from you than leveling 1-30 in a casual manner will. Grab what you can, but don’t pay a fortune if you can help it — many outfits on the AH can be picked up elsewhere for a little effort, saving you a lot of coin.

I came up as a runner-up in a lot of costume contests held by other players. I had the idea for Native American rain dancer-inspired theme for her, and this was what I came up with. At the height of FFX’s popularity, Squaresoft discussed the possibility of creating a prequel to Final Fantasy X. The game was meant to follow the exploits of Jecht and Auron, but the idea was eventually scrapped. Love it! Great idea and beautifully done. Mysticism has a great selection of bonus attack powers, however. Here, this cosplayer is wearing a brown bodysuit to resemble Diddy’s fur. One of the main reasons I wanted to do a full fur suit was because I’ve never seen anyone do it at BlizzCon before. We were mentioned as one of The 15 Best Halloween Costumes for Families by Readers Digest. Now give yourself a treat or a pal with one of our Avatar Cosplay Costumes! The opaque and black fencing-like masks are just as mystery provoking and intimidating as one would expect. You are Altair, leaping from roof top to roof top. Trick-or-treating, creepy crawly animal encounters, games, activities and photo ops are all included with event admission. Looking at the official site yielded no splashy separate news post announcing the arrival of the celebration; there was only a link to a forum thread in which a player had asked someone at SOE to flip the switch for the event and the ensuing discussion.