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Like the first game, each costume has its own special ability either offensively or defensively and some even have abilities that you can be used outside of battles. This cast of classic characters can easily be created with some choice headwear. Jecht is another of the many characters in Final Fantasy X and, according to Wikipedia, “Jecht was taken to Spira by Sin, and was thought to be passed away in Zanarkand. Our favorite place to draw Halloween inspiration is nostalgia – and video games are full of colorful characters with a lot of personality. Graham thinks it should serve as a warning to others who enjoy cosplay that police will assume fake weapons are real. Who could hate Halloween so much? The pixelated art style also lent to the chaotic atmosphere of the game, much to many players’ amusement. Whenever I evaluate a guild to potentially join, I always pay attention to the atmosphere of the chat. Being able to traverse time also means that Costume Quest 2 can present some dramatic shifts in location, all with the same pleasurably creepy feel. Now, Costume Quest 2 is here just a few weeks before Halloween and it’s delivering the same fun as the original.

Now, each enemy has a class – either monster, magic, or tech – and the costumes your party wear will be stronger and weaker against those classes. Double Fine has done a decent job overhauling the combat system but while there’s a more robust set of mechanics than the first game, they do wear thin towards the end. How to pull it off: Wear the shirt and put the messenger bag on, then walk around the party talking in a gravely voice and asking people if they want you to be good or bad. All that’s left to do for the best Halloween ever is to produce spooktacular Halloween designs that will persuade people to attend your party. The best strategy just seems to cover all your bases and hope for the best. We didn’t say the best — that’s up to personal taste. I don’t want to get too beard-strokey here–this is, after all, a game about sugared-up children pretending to be wizards–but a clever time-hopping mechanic means you get to see Orel as a child, and fully appreciate his motivation.

There’s also an over reliance on combat that means the encounters become unwelcome in the earlier stages of the game. Eventually, you’ll unlock a risky counter-attack prompt and a combo strike too but the combat wears out its welcome towards the end as you’re really just repeating the same button prompts over and over again. 1:47PM In goes a stuffed animal with a gigantic tongue, and out comes a digital stuffed animal with a gigantic tongue. It all comes to a satisfying, not-too-saccharine-sweet conclusion, though. It won’t be enough for anyone with an itchy trigger-finger, but it’s bright and satisfying, particularly when you’re rewarded for perfect execution. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of them, with only four or five of these big, set piece moments. Resolving his story was incentive enough to keep me playing. Bungie has optimized a control scheme to support Remote Play, meaning PS4 and Vita owners should be able to gather loot comfortably regardless of where they’re playing. Due to its popularity, there are Halloween-themed games in nearly every format you could think of.

One futuristic mission had me double-crossing monstrous, corrupt businessman, using the hand-shakey power of Jefferson’s diplomacy ability: these are the moments which stand out. Tired of the whiny, Negative Nancy attitude of many JRPG heroes, Xenoblade Chronicles creator Tetsuya Takahashi set out to create a more likeable protagonist. Costume Quest 2 is a delightfully tasty adventure that’s more swift hit of sherbet than delicate Belgian chocolate. Admittedly, this is what makes Costume Quest unique, but on the few occasions when the game mixes it up it is immediately more fun. A few henchmen are fine, since killed henchmen can drop Boosts that can heal or buff you. Targets for critters can only be set out to 150′ from the owner. Costume Quest 2 follows the same structure as its predecessor: there’s a series of neighborhoods where your team of three party members can go trick or treating and at each house you can either get a neighbor dishing out candy or a monster encounter which leads to a turn-based battle. The repetition is cleverly referenced in the final section–the details of which I won’t spoil here–but unless you adored the original, the samey mission structure could lead to enjoyment decay.

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