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Despite the fact that we have no kids to dress up and parade around the neighborhood, we will still hand out tons of candy to all the trick-or-treaters. The difficulty of the timing might be too hard for tykes, but at the same time, the relative ease of winning doesn’t feel challenging enough for older kids or adults. Players can use the new Outfits feature to submit a picture of their most creative costume; winning outfits will be used in the upcoming Halloween game as well as a yet-to-be announced virtual item. I’ve seen these real-life picture contests pop up more often nowadays, and I can tell you that they are always a blast! Cosplaying itself feels like a full-time job as you are constantly trying to work on different aspects of your costume before the deadline. If you look up, you might also see pumpkins falling from the skies like meteors. If past events are any type of measuring stick, expect to see tons of players and a lot of dancing. First, it’s fun to see the age range of the playerbase, especially in a game that looks and plays like Flyff, but it’s also neat to see how much work some people put into their costumes.

My homemade meat dress was hand sewn out red felt and hand painted to look like real meat. Bring a real visual treat for everyone admiring these video game character costumes for women. Not only are there costumes to buy, places to visit and activities to participate in, but you can also spend some time attempting to destroy an evil Halloween boss! Of course, you don’t have to stop there. Of course, we suggest doing so with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. And members can scoop up some exclusive items through a Halloween-themed iPad app. The cash shop is offering a lot of items for all price ranges. Either way, there is always a lot of fun to be had, and sometimes very cool loot to snag! The podracing sequence in there is actually made partly by Sumo Digital, the development house behind the mighty fine Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. There are numerous sexy Halloween costumes from such historical periods as the prehistoric times with their cave girl cuties, the eras of the Romans and Greeks empires with their flowing, draped tunics, the early American west of the 1800’s with Indian princess or native American maiden looks, or the roaring1920’s with their svelte flapper looks.

Most notable among the new crop are George Lucas’ endlessly warring space soldiers and wizards. They are not nearly as inherently fun as Lego Dimensions’ little yellow brick people, which feel wonderfully distinctive even if they aren’t used to great effect in the game. Landing perfect shots is quite difficult: each costumes’ timing is a little different and there’s only the slimmest margin of error. MMOs are perfect for such events — they have the players to fill them out, the ability to host whatever kind of event they want, and a lot of optional blood and gore. The futuristic setting of Global Agenda doesn’t seem like the perfect fit for Halloween, but that isn’t stopping Hi-Rez from doing their thing. Just follow the links and look like a character that is inspired by your favorite video game. Until that spooky night, however, we love to spend the time exploring different Halloween events in our favorite MMORPGs. The ghoulishness started on October 20th and runs through November 3rd. Be sure to check out the costumes in the costume shop, as well as other events like trivia, and a zombie invasion!

My husband and I would like to create it for our party this year. Next up, I’d like to point you to Flyff’s Halloween costume contest! For the uninitiated, Costume Quest is a turn-based, Halloween-themed RPG title created by legendary video game designer Tim Schaefer. In Costume Quest 2, Creep Treat cards are collected over the course of the adventure, with each one bestowing an effect such as the ability to instantly kill a minion, fill the special attack gauge, or fully heal a character. Players are organizing some fun in-game events as well, and over the weekend, player Sev Kenek hosted his fun “Phantom Maze” event. Well, now you can in Freejack, a parkour MMO that features unique graphics, gameplay, and player housing. Con’s MMO Gathering of Heroes, located in the Capitol Ballroom of the Sheraton hotel. What does a cosplay therapy session entail? Granted, it might not be the same, but I’m putting it in the same category as that scene and giving these two a 10/10 for pulling this off while in the middle of cosplay. It might sound impossible, but Nexon is asking you to sketch some ghosts this time around! If you sketch enough of them, you might yoink a cool pumpkin hat.