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Inside the Jade Emperor Pagoda. August 29, 2019 – Costume Quest, the latest hit animated series produced by Wow! Unlimited Media’s Frederator Studios, announces the addition of seven brand new episodes that will premiere on October 11. Additionally, a 35-minute holiday special, Heroes on Holiday, will premiere on November 22. Coming off the heels of the series’ highly anticipated release earlier this year, seven half-hour episodes will debut as a continuation of season one on Amazon Prime Video this Fall. Frederator Studios, A WOW! “The debut of Costume Quest earlier this year thrilled fans of the cult hit video game as well as younger viewers just discovering the characters and story, and we are looking forward to continuing the adventure with these additional episodes, just in time for Halloween, followed by our festive holiday special” said Fred Seibert, CEO, Frederator and Chief Creative Officer WOW! Established by industry luminaries Fred Seibert, founder of Frederator and producer of all-time animation hits like Adventure Time and The Fairly OddParents, and Michael Hirsh, godfather of the Canadian animation scene and founder of Nelvana and Cookie Jar, Wow! It’s a little stranger this time around, exchanging the malls and suburbs of the original for more esoteric locations, but it nevertheless still feels perfectly appropriate for the holiday.

The Creepy Treats, actually, are a new element, a product of the criticism that the combat in the original was overly simple. But for more than a few people, it’s apt to become an annual tradition alongside the original game. Tip us off to players you’d like to hear more about. Spooky Bob and Jack Hallow are back with lots of Halloween-themed quests, and players can purchase all sorts of decorations, outfits, and rides to get in the spirit. Chris seems to have superpowers, much like Max and, apparently, someone in Life is Strange 2. Players’ decisions in the previous games will carry over to the sequel, though developers won’t say exactly how. By and large, the most important decisions you will make regarding your characters are which costumes you want to bring into battle, and which Creepy Treat cards you want to equip. Movies from fantasy and science fiction genres are full of all kinds of superheroes, super villains, wizards, witches, etc. In fact, characters from a film are more popular than characters in comic books. Like any other kid, you must have read comic books and followed some superheroes.

And the three-episode Japanese show, Alice in Borderland, features students transported into a parallel world where they must play games to survive. Wait times may be longer this year due to Covid-19 restrictions; all attendees must wear masks, stay in their own groups and practice social distancing. Last year we heard one request many, many times: offer a panel on MMOs for parents and children to play together. Children under 12 not recommended. Whether you little ones are looking to be scary or just have some plain old fun, there is a whole variety of different characters and costumes that will allow any little one to have a spooky, or not so spooky, Halloween. Pac Man is still a video game that boys love to play and the Pac Man costumes are available in different characters. The rich art is still its most appealing element. But its simplicity is redeemed by its terrific art and wry sense of humor, and most importantly, the sheer fun of its premise. It’s fun to wonder. Honestly, seeing where Double Fine takes it all next is half the fun. Unlimited Media combines two of the biggest animation studios (Frederator Studios and Rainmaker/Mainframe Studios) and along with its bold vision, takes center stage in the emerging battle for animation supremacy.

Based on the eponymous video game series by Double Fine Productions (Psychonauts, Broken Age) and the world originally created by Tasha Sounart, Costume Quest is a funny cartoon mystery series tracking a team of four kids as they use their imaginations and a whole series of magical, transformative costumes to battle the sinister monster Bob Dickerson (voiced by Christopher McDonald) as he launches his diabolical plan to take over the sleepy town of Auburn Hollow. Whatever gift that you plan to buy for your family members, make sure to personalize them all individually. Whatever is the gift, make sure to buy it keeping in mind the receivers choices and preferences. Too expensive to buy a store bought version. Seriously, who makes $10-$20 downloadable games but then somehow doesn’t release a PC version on their website or on Steam? We all have grown worshiping some superhero who walked out from the ink blots on papers and entered in our imagination, and all through the childhood we wanted to be like him, have powers that he possessed, and be as invincible as he was. Justin Olivetti (@Sypster): I’m torn between my level 60 captain in LotRO (who’s trying to plow through Lothlorien’s endless daily quests) and my 12 lore-master (a cranky old fart who cares not one whit for Shire pies and ponies prancing).

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