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In an effort to make nerdom a bit more swarthy, the marketing gurus for Lucasfilm created this stick-on mustache in the shape of the one worn by our favorite Cloud City Administrator. Lorelei Stage: Set in Germany off the banks of the Rhine, this fan favorite multi-level fighting stage made its debut in DEAD OR ALIVE: DIMENSIONS and will be available to download for free on 26th March 2014, via the PlayStation®Store for the PlayStation®3 and 26th March via Microsoft Games Store for the Xbox 360® (accessible after downloading Patch 1.05, available without charge). Chase Hasbrouck (@alarondruid) Due to weak internet, playing through my collection of underappreciated DS games. Attend lots of social activities, including a Kickoff Reception, a Grand Banquet, a Costume Contest and an offsite VIP Party with lots of fun, games and live entertainment! Daniel Whitcomb (@DanielWhitcomb) I’m heading out of town this weekend to a friend’s big Halloween costume party and karaoke bash. Yeah, we loved this guy’s One Punch Man costume. So for one last time, let me help you get to know someone.

You are amazing. As far as MoP goes, I’m torn between basically wandering through Avatar: The Last Airbender (the cartoon, not the movie) in the form of Pandaria’s new zones, or becoming a Battle Pet monster and pwning everyone in sight with my stable of pets. Patch 3.3 is the last major patch of Wrath of the Lich King. 0.99, universal) This platform shooter has you blasting away all sorts of bad guys across various worlds, from back alleys to ancient Egypt and icy tundras. Dark Meadow ($5.99, universal) Built on the Unreal Engine, Dark Meadow is serious fun with serious graphics. Grab yourself a jet pack for high-flyng fun. It’s uncannily accurate and a lot of fun. It’s an unusual reading experience — more of a game than a book — and a lot of fun. Some glue and carve cardboard into these fun little squares and paint them the color of their choice. While it feels marginally more complicated than City of Heroes, Champions Online has a lot of fun decisions to be made at the start, and the game can be played by just pounding on the number keys if you desire. It’s because the game is such a shameful representative that it barely merits mention.

I’ll also be playing The Simpsons arcade game that I downloaded on my PS3 this past week. Kelly Aarons (@Cadistra) It’s the busiest week of the year at work, so when I’m not totally brain-dead, I’m playing Radiant Historia on my DS and trying to balance my schedule to play the Portal 2 DLC with my “partner in science.” At BlizzCon, the premiere of MoP literally had me jumping up and down and screaming like a schoolgirl. Matt Low (@matticus) Currently playing Heroes of Might and Magic VI. As for games, more raiding in WoW, and I might duck into Skyrim and play a bit of that, it’s been woefully underplayed for the past couple of weeks. There’s even more to do if you add in the diplomacy and crafting quest lines, easily enough to keep one busy for weeks. You can even record your own voice, turing the app into a personal read-along. You’ll also find vintage photographs from the Dracula legacy, some released for the first time with this app. Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition ($4.99) Here’s another enhanced book app. The air is getting cooler, the days getting shorter (here in the northern hemisphere at least) and the time is right to curl up with a good, scary book.

x ironman head You can also count on getting a few fans hooked along the way. Here are a few picks for iOS gaming, both light-hearted and hardcore. Here are a few Halloween suggestions. Thursday, Oct. 27 Apparently, Taylor Lautner has been here in the closet this whole time! It doesn’t have to be about end game all the time. If you’re selling your game on the strength of the player being the icon, you need to have a lot of icons. Put frankly, the game is a shameless abuse of the Fable property. If you’re curious about the game’s potent addictive properties, I’ve already put about 15 hours into it. If you’re curious about DCUO, you can get in the door and try out a good bit of the pre-30 solo content for free, but the game’s DLC packs (including some of the newer power sets and the Central City neighborhood) are behind the paywall. Superhero costumes are incredibly popular, and she can take her pick from our dozens of officially licensed looks straight from the big screen.

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