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Nier Automata A2 YoR... Grab all four flames (Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon, and Undercity if you’re Alliance; Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, and the Exodar if you’re Horde), and you’ll get a final quest called A Thief’s Reward that, once completed, will give you the King of the Fire Festival achievement. Stealing the Exodar’s Flame: The Exodar’s flame is located in the Crystal Hall at 41,25. The Exodar is generally uncrowded and this one shouldn’t be too difficult, but the fire is still pretty far into the city. Patrick Mackey (@mackeypb): It’s hard to pick one outfit, you know, so I chose my robot maid who transforms into a Gundam and a jet. 2 will receive Sora at no additional cost, but everyone else can pick up his individual challenger pack, which also includes his accompanying stage, music tracks and new Spirit Board, for $6 USD. His restoration of the famous “toe scene” will blow your mind. GOALS: It’s a word that I try to avoid as much as possible in my life out of the fear of becoming a basic suburban sorority girl-that being said, GOALS is the only word that comes to mind when describing some of these adorable cosplay couples. If you’re not fond of world PvP, you’ll probably want to try this during a slow period (or, better yet, with a group).

If you get mobbed, try to zone into the Stockades and wait a few minutes. If you need to get this achievement, that’s 400 Burning Blossoms you’re not going to get back. With everything in place to infiltrate their encampment, I headed out to scout, find information, and report back. This will automatically force each torch to come down where you’re already standing, so you can instantly “juggle” it back. The wings come from the ruby shop. But curiously, many of the viewers I spoke to could talk shop about their favorite games, despite never actually booting them up. Thankfully, emulators allow it to run at a solid 50 FPS now compared to the poor performance you get out of an actual Amiga 600. My favorite costume is probably the gear I have on my Runes of Magic mage, uninspiringly named “Nyphur.” The gear is a combination of the Silverspring set that you get from quests around level 15-20 and a crafted ventis crown.The rabbit head staff is a costume item from the item shop that you combine with another item’s stats using the aggregator. My favorite in-game outfit is Ari’s infamous purple bikini.

As far as the outfit is concerned, you can’t go wrong with a vintage ruffle blouse – look for something with puffy sleeves! My homemade meat dress was hand sewn out red felt and hand painted to look like real meat. It’s no wonder why Halloween is such a popular holiday – what other celebration lets you dress up, eat candy, party and enjoy some good-natured scares? Afterwards, mount up, ride for the Deeprun Tram, and head to Ironforge. After this, visit Bloodhoof Village to desecrate the flame there, then ride out of Mulgore, desecrate the Crossroad’s flame, ride east to get Razor Hill’s, then ride toward the extreme northwestern edge of Durotar to get to Orgrimmar’s least-troublesome entrance. Scare the wits out of believers with one of these fun cosplay ideas for guys. It captures one of the main highlights of the Mortal Kombat video game and makes it come alive. It’s also a fantastic way for fans of something to come together and potentially do a group cosplay. Since its release, the Coen Brothers’ affectionately addled riff on film noir has snowballed in popularity, becoming “an undeniable pop-cult force” and even, for many, “a way of life,” in the words of the Los Angeles Times.

Ride to Silvermoon (and desecrate the flame at Tranquillien along the way). Consumers will be able to browse through a library of Blu-ray™ content and watch entertaining extras on-the-go in a way that’s bigger and better than ever before. While you’re on the draenei islands, desecrate the flames at Azure Watch and Blood Watch. Scene Companion: Watch cast and crew interviews, behind the scenes footage and more during key scenes with this picture-in-picture companion. I took a few art classes in high school because I’ve always loved drawing, but I’ve only recently started trying out more 3D stuff. Then I was in wisp form going around and around that damn tree trying to figure out how to get back, until I stumbled upon this crazy pink glowing tree! What you will need to do is purchase around 20-25 Juggling Torches from Midsummer vendors, then hotkey them somewhere convenient. Actually, you may want to do that last part anyway (assuming you don’t want to keep the Midsummer costume), as you’ll need a bunch of Burning Blossoms for Juggling Torches. Midsummer vendor for a refund. Of course, one is a lot more reprehensible than the other, which oddly makes them far more interesting.