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For Halloween, I’m going as Wilson from Home Improvement. So take a look at our responses after the break, and let us know what you’re going to be playing in the comments. Brendan Drain (@nyphur): I’m going to be scanning for a clear wormhole route back to safe space in EVE as I plan to evacuate some assets from our wormhole base back to empire. Elite is arguably one of the strongest influences for EVE Online and I’ve been hooked on its sequel Frontier since I was little. And yes SE paid me to say that, to the tune of one bazillion dollars and my own personal Miqo’te cosplay troupe. The great thing about cosplay is that it allows us to imagine what characters from different games or movies would do or say if they met one another. We didn’t say the best — that’s up to personal taste. The story is pretty good, though not the best in the Shin Megami Tensei universe. We’ll be bringing you PS3 features in the coming weeks highlighting the Best Of 2007 in a number of categories and we hope you read those as well. The number of attacks on wormhole installations has increased in recent months and I think we have a few too many eggs in our shielded space-basket.

Hindman): I will playing some DCUO, plenty of a yet-to-be-named beta, more Nanovor: Evolution, Vindictus and checking in on a few games that have been neglected by me recently. Whether you’re helping her select a costume or she’s old enough to have strong opinions about which type of character she prefers, you’ve got plenty of options, from sweet to more sinister. An updated graphics engine based on the Legends game brought the old locales visited to new life and an overhaul on the character animations made the title more fluid and realistic. The women wear heavy, brightly coloured gowns, often with the fashionable hoods Anne brought over from France. ” Hearts in the eyes, now that’s a move so simple yet so clever that I bet Brock cosplayers across the globe were facepalming for not thinking of it first. Every critic agrees that the battle system is actually a lot of fun, if simple or easy at times. The game lets you play through multiple characters in a single, overlapping story, which is cool but revisiting the same dungeons can be trying after a half dozen times.

Gallery-104309%As playtime was in incredibly short supply for me due to real life cropping up, this week I was relegated to playing at very odd times. The game got a little attention due to the way you release your demonic powers: take a “fake” gun to your head in a multitude of dramatic styles (forehead, side of the head, chin, mouth, etc) and blast your hidden potential out. I’m a little sad that I’ve done literally all of the 1-35 content in the game now, though. I personally stopped playing in May because there was nothing to do and players spammed one mission, giving you little option but to do the same since nobody wanted to actually explore. That’s the problem with remakes — no matter what, if something was wrong with the original or even if issues are ironed out and nothing is particularly “wrong” with the title, it’s not actually new.

No matter the video game genre, you’ll find a character to fit your personality. With so many games out there, it can be hard to choose only one character costume-but no matter what you choose, you’ll be able to find it right here at Spirit! It removes some of the stigma associated with gaming and then we can look at what is causing the depression. So what sort of projects and coursework have you completed that are specifically linked to gaming? Here are some valuable tips to starting out the right out and understanding this unique game. But, no spoilers here. There are so many clothing combinations now that you rarely run into the same character design twice. I’ve always been fond of titles, video game costume ideas but my favorite tends to depend on the character and circumstance. Wearing a Scorpion Ninja cosplay outfit is a great way to pay homage to this beloved character. He was wearing a kilt and sinister laughing clown face mask as part of a Cosplay outfit – short for costume play. Featuring several unlockable bonus features and costume designs as well as redesigned and additional puzzles to solve in each of the original areas, the game was a surprise hit.