We Spent Over 1 Year Updating Our First Game

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We Spent Over 1 Year Updating Our First Game. . . It’s been a long time since we’ve given an update on our game. We added new animations, customization options, powerups, and levels. We also added Nogam as a member of the team.

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“Voxel Revolution”, “Delightful D”, “Latin Industries”, “Blip Stream”, “Exit the Premises”, “Reformat”, “Bit Quest”, “Mega Hyper Ultrastorm”, “Cyborg Ninja”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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37 thoughts on “We Spent Over 1 Year Updating Our First Game

  1. For the performance improvements : Lower the poly count of your models, enable gpu instancing in materials, mark object as static that are static ( no movement, no scaling, no animation), turn off shadows where not needed, pre bake the lighting on static objects. Hope this helps, amazing work. Also, if this doesn't help, your last option would be threading or using unity Jobs system.

  2. Hey, Cody! A small idea that could be implemented, give the characters very exaggerated animations for when they use a powerup or, for powerups like the rocket, give them a large contraption to use the powerup from! This could add a lot of personality and charm to the game!

  3. Item Concept: incognito mask
    when you put it on, it gives you an upside and a downside, the upside is that you have a chance of lagging through some obstacles and sometimes your ping has a chance of making you invincible to power-ups, the downside is you're SUPER laggy.

  4. I would say the camera blocks all players vision except you the fire extinguisher launches the player like a plane at high speeds but is hard to control the jetpack is as fast as running and it allows the player to evade all forms of attacks including the megaphone the rocket the fire trail and the ice cube. the jack and the box will come out of the box and grab a player holding them there for 5 seconds the cardboard box will slow down the player its put on and also allow them to be jumped on by a player sending them back very far if not jumped on by the cardboard box by 10 seconds the player will be free. I forgot whether you had something planned for the chili but and idea would be you can eat it and the player would get a speed boost and blast fire out of their mouths knocking down any players that touch it the effect lasts for 10 seconds. the wrecking ball will just be an obstacle

  5. Hey, I think considering the ease/freedom of movement in this game compared to car racing games where you are bound to the vehicle's physics, the wet floor item is kind of useless. I think something bigger would make more sense. Maybe like a barrier thats very wide but you could jump over it using a double jump or something similar to that