Yes, I’d Like One Order of These FGO Arcade Costumes ASAP!

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23 thoughts on “Yes, I’d Like One Order of These FGO Arcade Costumes ASAP!

  1. I like to think that Arcade needs all it can get. They're JUST getting quick meta. Now! Sure. I'm as pissed about Alter-Ego Tiamat as everyone else is. I get it. I watched the show too. I get it.

    It looks hella limited. Great concept. Wonky Execution

  2. Honestly I'd toss the obvious and focus on costumes for the welfares. I get that their cost for freedom is in part the non-existent sprite options. But they are already limited to not being attainable if you weren't playing the game when they came out. I think giving them some love would be a great choice. And since they only have one outfit anyways…there's a lot of flexible options for new looks.

    I feel like it's worth noting both that Caster Gil exists and so does his costume. His caster outfit covers the niche this one would cover anyways. He’s got alternate versions of himself, he’s had animation updates. I think he’s ok. Don't think his character has been neglected.

  3. Getting a costume for your first SSR. I understand that feeling.
    Scathach proceeds to humiliate her opponent while elegantly wearing a bunny costume

    For the three choices here, definitely the Marie one.

    Going through the wiki, I'm reminded of the Jurassic Dream CE. And I'm thinking I would love to have that as a costume for Kiyohime

  4. I want to see Nightingale lifeguard, Cu in his Hawaiian shirt, Chloe in her school uniform to match Illya and Miyu, tamamo in her police girl outfit, Hercules summer from that one ce, Artoria in her casual clothes, Medussa in her casual clothes, and so many more that I just can't think of atm.

  5. for me, I would liek the ability to have casual clothes unipe to each and every servant available as well, even if it's not in battle instead, this would add flavor, and show how some of these servants would look in our world if they were walking around

  6. If we could get a single costume from Arcade (aside from Da Vinci Lily's)… I'd want it to be Jack's, in her little suit. Let us be able to put some real clothes on the child!

  7. -Casual FSN Saber
    -FZ Tuxedo Saber
    -Untied hair Saber
    -Dangerous Beast Mash
    -Memories of Trifas Jeanne d'Arc (pack an animation update together with this one)
    -Shinjuku Party Dress Jeanne Alter
    -Every single one of the Fate/Apocrypha Epilogue party costumes for all fourteen Servants plus the two Rulers and Sieg

    Just a few ideas that come to my mind

  8. Honestly I want some costumes for Welfarres to add a little spice! Illya and Miyu have their schoolgirl outfits, why not give Chloe hers too, and give too, along with a casual outfit that’s in fitting with her personality! Also wouldn’t mind Astolfo getting his Sailor Uniform as well! And if we can’t get Suzuka Santa easy can we at least get Suzuka an equivalent Gyaru outfit until then! Lastly I want Amakusa’s Arcade Casual Digs!